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    Greetings Parents of Saint Theresa School,

    Welcome to my bio page!  Hopefully you are visiting my page because you are a little curious about who I am and my vision for the educational growth of your children.  I am a recent hire here at Saint Theresa's School and this will be my first official teaching year in my career.  However, I do have an extensive history in educating both students and parents.  In Phoenix, Arizona, I taught computer science at Sunnyslope Elementary to the students, faculty, and parents of the local community.  From there, I returned to the east coast and was a District Sub for Cocalico School district in Denver, PA and I had various opportunities to work with children from as young as kindergarten and as old as 12th grade.  I then transferred to School District of Lancaster acting as their building sub at Smith Wade Elementary, supporting staff and students with individualized educational plans.

    I am an avid gamer, as is my wife.  We regularly participate in  game activities each week.  Sometimes it's just the two of us, while at other times we gather into a larger group of 6 or more players.  Our favorites are usually some kind of board game, but we do not shy away from genres like card, collectable card, or video games.  My wife's favorite board game is Settlers of Catan, while I prefer cooperative board games like Pandemic Legacy.  Our only vice is that we are both extremely competitive.

    My dream for your children is to be able to inspire them to use mathematics in their daily lives and give them the tools to succeed in whatever occupation they may get into as adults.  I am a big fan of cooperative learning using kinesthetic approaches to building knowledge and adding to their mathematical thinking with 'outside the box' solutions.

    Do not hesitate to contact me for any reason if you have any concerns related to the educational development of your child.  I believe that their greatest chance of success is through teachers and parents coming together and working through their individualized educational, social, and emotional needs.


    Mr. Timothy Ray Howell