• The Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) is an amazing opportunity to support Saint Theresa School. Through this program, you can send your tax dollars to the school, helping students take advantage of the wonderful education that Saint Theresa School has to offer! You can truly change the lives of students by reallocating your tax dollars to our school community!


    EITC is the #1 source of funding for private schools in Pennsylvania. These funds help ensure that the rising cost of education does not get passed on to students and families. With more EITC funding, we can fund the gap between parent contributions and the true cost of educating a student. In simple terms, EITC is a way to direct the tax dollars that you already owe to our school’s financial aid program instead of sending those dollars out of our area. Students deserve to get their fair share of funding, and we can make that happen by increasing EITC participation rates.


    Our goal at Saint Theresa School, is to help close the funding gap between the actual cost to educate a student vs. what we charge Catholic and Non-Catholic students.  The more money we raise through the EITC program, the more money we have to put towards teacher salaries, technology and the educational tools needed.


    Don't wait to reserve your credits for the EITC program, they are first come, first serve. We are working closely with Redefined Advisors to ensure that our tax dollars remain in our area. Please consider participating in the EITC program to help create a positive impact on our school community. If the community comes together and participates in this program, we can fundamentally change our financial aid program and increase funding for students for years to come. You can reach out to Michelle Shanahan at STS or

    EITC information to Brooke or Alyse at 814-419-5505, and they will guide you through the EITC process.