Mrs. Deborah Richard

    4th Grade Teacher- 4A

    St. Theresa School





    Week of 3/27- 3/31

    (Subject to Change)

    3/24 Math HW-pp. 733- 734    

    Monday:  Music 

                    Math- pp. 739- 740; 741- 742

                            Stations of the Cross 

    Tuesday:  Art 

                    Math- pp. 747- 748  


    Wednesday:  Library 

                             Math- Check My Progress 

                             Religion Test- Ch. 14 Respect Life

                             Spring Pictures


    Thursday: Spanish 

                     Math- pp. 753- 754



    Friday:  P.E. 

                 Math- pp. 759- 760

                        Science Quiz- Q1 Words only

                        Weekly Assessments 

    Important Dates:   

    3/29- Spring Pictures

    5/8/2023- Capitol Tour and State Museum Field Trip (Let me know if you would like to chaperone.  All parents with clearances are welcome.  Cost: $4 for students and $4.00 for parents)


    Unit 5 Week 3 (Biography) 3/31

    Vocabulary:  dizzy, experiment, genuine, hilarious, mischief, nowadays, politician, procedure

    Comprehension Strategy:  summarize

    Comprehension Skill: problem and solution 

    Vocabulary Strategy:  Greek roots 

    Grammar:   adjectives that compare

    Spelling:  vowel teams

    brain, staircase, domain, praise, trainer, oatmeal, beneath, repeat, reveal, increase, sneak, boast, afloat, croak, compound, discount, speed, sleeve, sheep, baboon


    Unit 5 Week 4 (Expository) 4/14

    Vocabulary:  cling, dissolves, gritty, humid, magnify, microscope, mingle, typical

    Comprehension Strategy:  summarize

    Comprehension Skill: sequencing 

    Vocabulary Strategy:  context clues: antonyms 

    Grammar:  comparing with more or most

    Spelling:  r- Controlled vowel syllables

    grocer, pepper, barber, grader, polar, tanker, singer, enter, odor, collar, zipper, powder, danger, cheddar, popular, harbor, anchor, elevator, daughter, victor