Guidelines for the dance

    • Dress must be suitable for a Catholic School dance:
      • Dress is casual. – jeans, kakis, capris (girls), cargo shorts (boys)
      • Shirts must cover the shoulder and cover you appropriately.
      • Skirts MUST be long enough to cover you appropriately while dancing. Leggings are to be worn under skirts.   Leggings may not be worn as pants.
      • Do not wear heeled shoes – it damages the gym floor. Shoes may not be taken off during the dance.
    •  Cell phones may not be taken out or used at the dance.
      • If you have your cell phone, you must turn it in to the parent on duty in the gym lobby. You will write your name on a baggie and seal your phone in the baggie. You may retrieve your phone at the end of the night. Unless you really need to bring your cell phone, it would be best to leave it at home. If you do not follow these rules, your phone will be taken by the teacher on duty.
    •  Dancing must be appropriate and personal space must be observed. There is no running or horseplaying in the gym.
    •  A parent must come into the school’s gym lobby to pick you up at the end of the dance; you will not be allowed to go outside the blue doors without a parent.