•  When viewing your child(ren)s Art grade please take into account the following:


    Grades KG – 3, no grades


    Grades 4 & 5 use Alpha (E, P, I)


    Grades 6th-8thuse Numerical

    These grading policies were established by the Diocese of Harrisburg.


    A further explanation:

    I use a point system in the art room. Each project is worth a certain number of points, based upon the main objectives for the lesson. 

    Every project has the following 3 criteria included in its grading : Craftsmanship: 5 points, Creativity: 5 points, and Time on Task: 5 points. 

    I beleive these are extremely important skills to learn, not only in the art room, but in life in general. 

    Projects could be worth anywhere from 20 points, to 50 or 60 points, depending on the  complexity of the lesson. 


    An example of a lesson's grading is as follows:


    Introduction of Color Mixing:


    Students used proper technique when painting with paint brush: 5 points

    Students mix 2 primaries to create a secondary color:                      5 points

    Time on Task:                                                                                             5 points

    Creativity:  (Thinking outside the box, pushing the                             5 points

    boundaries of the assignment)                                                                                            

    Craftsmanship: ( for this lesson, painted areas would be                  5 points

    completely filled in, no "scratchy areas" of empty space)

    Total points:                                                                                               25 pts


    Students can also earn up to 4 points a class period for class participation. Basically, as long as the student comes into the classroom, follows the rules and participates in the lesson, they earn 4 points. 

    I NEVER grade a student on how " pretty" or Museum Quality" their art is. I grade solely on the students making the attempt to meet the objectives of the lesson. I understand each child is different. Some may have natural artistic talent, while some may struggle with the basic process of holding a pencil. I grade each child based upon their abilities and how hard they have tried.