• Saint Theresa School Mission Statement:


    Saint Theresa School empowers students to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and to strive for excellence in education in order to become 21st Century leaders!

    We believe...
    that God has endowed each student with individual abilities and that St. Theresa School must provide a quality education to enable each child to develop his/her unique abilities.
    that God has made the parents the primary educators, therefore the faculty must endeavor to support and strengthen this relationship. That the unique role of Catholic education, as it exists in St. Theresa School, is the model of people made in God's image and likeness.
    that our school must stand before the community as a sign of God's love in the world today.
    that because we are all called to be children of God, there must be a relationship of trust among the faculty, students, parents, and administration. That the parents, faculty, and administration must assume the responsibility of helping the students to find their place in the kingdom of God by understanding and practicing their faith to the highest degree.
    that we must endeavor to establish a school where students of diverse temperaments and cultural backgrounds learn to understand and respect each other as individuals.