• prayer with Jesus

    In Preschool, a great deal of time is spent praying, learning about Jesus and the stories in the Bible.

    The 4's sing their morning prayer-Thank you, Jesus, for this day. Be with me in every way. Help me not to fuss or fight. Make me glad to do what's right. Make me good and help me share. Thank you, Jesus, that you care.

    We take turns praying for people and things that are important to us.

    There are several religious jobs students have: Holding the Rosary Beads, the Holy Water, the Cross, the Bible, the Flower for creation, the Candle, the statue of Saint Theresa and a Jesus doll.

    We say the Our Father and the Hail Mary.   Before we eat snack, we always say Grace.

    The 3's began the year saying-Good Morning, Dear Jesus. This day is for you. We ask you to bless all we think, say and do. Amen.  In January they now recite the Our Father.

    We tour Saint Theresa Church for the letter Cc. 

    The students are given their own prayer books for the letter P to help them learn what is prayer, how to pray and when to pray.

    We learn how to pray the rosary for the letter Rr. Each child is provided with their very own rosary to keep.

    And so much more!