• S.E.A.L. - Students in Enrichment and Advanced Learning


    Saint Theresa School is dedicated to all of its learners and in an effort to meet all students' needs, we have implemented the SEAL program at the primary grade level(s).  In developing this program, we are creating criteria to measure students' overall developmental and cognitive abilities to identify those students whose academic skills are well above grade level.  From this, students would be enriched beyond the basic standards of the classroom and teachers would receive assistance in providing various opportunities within the classroom, and to help provide for parents at home.  Parents are notified of the program for their child.


    Advanced Studies Program

    Students in the 7th and 8th grades of Middle School are eligible for inclusion in the advanced studies program in Language Arts and Mathematics.  Admission to these programs is through a set of benchmark scores determined by standardized test scores, and an entrance test. If necessary, teacher recommendations and grades from their previous classes may be used as well.  Parents are notified of the program for their child. Students must maintain an "A" or "B" average to remain in the special program.