Mrs Sentman's Weekly Snapshot



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Mrs Sentman's Weekly Snapshot

Hello and Happy St Joseph Feast Day!!

A Few Reminders:

1.  I sent home quite a few tests and quizzes on Friday.  Please be sure to sign them, keep them in the test folder, and return the folder on Monday

2.  Scholastic Book orders are due March 26

3.  Please ask your child if he/she is low on supplies (in particular, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, and dry erase markers.)  I do not have very many to hand out and we should not be sharing/borrowing supplies.  If you are having difficulty getting supplies, please let me know and we will work something out.

4.  Please save a cereal box and a shoe box for upcoming projects (I have quite a few cereal boxes saved for those who don't have one).

5.  Your child should be reading their chapter book they chose for their book report every night for 15-20 minutes.

6.  Picture day is on Monday March 22.  This is optional.  Forms were sent home last week.


Week in review:

Thank you to Vinny for being a great Rainbow of the Week!

We also celebrated Teagan's birthday (last week) and Vernoica's birthday this week!  Thank you for the yummy treats.

Thank you to all that sent back the Race for Ed forms!!

Next week's rainbow of the week is Irine!!!

Math:  The children are working very hard on fractions and having so much fun!  We have used playdoh, fraction pizzas, skittles, and fractions strips and circles to really get a fundamental understanding of what a fraction is, what the terms numerator, denominator, and equivalent mean, and how to write and read fractions.  They had their first quiz on this content on Thursday.  We also started rocket math this week.  The children are loving it!

Language Arts:  The spelling list this week was on homophones.  The children practiced with their spelling list and IXL.  Our focus skill was cause and effect.  We read a fascinating story about the Wright brothers! Ask them what they learned!  We also did a a variety of activities to learn more about St Patrick's Day and St Patrick himself.  

Science:  We learned all about different habitats and are beginning to explore what habitat and animal will be chosen for the project. 

Religion:  We wrapped up our chapter on Jesus' miracles and parables.  We also studied St Patrick and made a shamrock craft to remind us of the Holy Trinity.

Next week:  3/22-2/26

Math:  We will learn about fractions as a whole, compare fractions, and do a craft activity to summarize all that we have learned.  The chapter test will be on Friday.  The next unit is on measurement.

Language Arts:  We will be starting a novel study on Charlotte's Web.  There will be a weekly spelling test, a weekly vocabulary test, and a weekly Reading test this week.

Spring Book Report:  I will send home the details of this book report on Monday.  The children will be creating the book out of a cereal box. It should be fun and educational!  The due date for this report is April 16.  This is an at home book report.

Science:  The children will begin their research for the animal and habitat they want to learn more about.  The research and report will all be done IN CLASS.  The project (creating the habitat) is an at home project.  I will send home the details this week. Due date to be announced.

Religion:   We will review for our test on Monday and the chapter test is Tuesday.  Our next chapter focuses on the Paschal Mystery.  We will also be doing an Easter Craft and learning more about Holy Week.


As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns!

Have a Blessed Weekend!