Sunset and Cross canvas painting

  • If anyone is interested, here are a series of 4 videos that walk you through the steps to do a sunset painting with a cross. This set of video tutorials is set up like you are watching  a paint night event. I talk as I paint and explain what I'm doing. I am posting how long each video segment is, so you can plan for doing the project.


    Part 1: painting the sunset/sunrise sky: 9:06 minutes

    Part 2: Drawing the cross on paper, using 1 point perspective: 15:54

     Part 3:  Painting the ground : 9:24

    Part 4: Transferring the cross to the sunset painting and painting the cross: 32:

    To start, you will need either a canvas and acrylic paint, or a piece of heavy drawing paper and tempera paint. You will also need a flat brush, 1/2 " wide or 1", a medium and a small round paint brush

    sunset cross part 1

    sunset cross part 2

    sunset cross part 3

    sunset cross part 4






    Friendship Bracelets:

    This first video is showing you how to use yarn or DMC floss to create a diagonal patterned bracelet. To do this, you will need at least 3 pieces of yarn that are about 24" inches long. This wont be long enough for a bracelet, but it will work for just figuring out the technique. When you are ready to do a bracelet, you will need 55" ( for a child) -65" ( for a grown man) of each string. AMke sure to use different colors, so you can create an interesting pattern.



    Friendship bracelet, part 2 ( making  "V")

    This is the 2nd video on how to make a friendship bracelet. After you learn how to make the diagonal pattern, you can make a "V" pattern. Same requirements for length of yarn as above. 



    Hydro dipping video:

    Before you watch this video, please remember that I am an art teacher, and I am not a Youtuber:)  I hate talking to a camera, but I thought this would be the best way to show you all how to do a really cool project while we are all stuck at home. Have fun, and make sure to send me pics of what you did!!!!

    As a disclaimer, there is a loud crash in the background near the end of the video. Please disregard. It is just my older daughter tripping over my younger daughter's lego sculpture for art class. She was fine, legos just went flying everywhere:)

    To hydro-dip, you will need :
    an old bin to put warm water in ( i use the ones hospitals give out).
    You will need nail polish. (Please ask your mom or sisters/s before you just take it)
    a stirring stick- this needs to be something pointy. I used a shish kabob skewer. You can use a toothpick, or even a tine broken off of a plastic fork.
    sandwich baggie and tape if you want to hyrdo dip a cup or mug
    Non-porous objects to hydro dip ( this means something with a hard surface, not paper, clothing, etc...)
    an old towel to protect work surface
    gloves for your hands, or a walmart bag ( taped onto your hands at the wrist, to keep the water out.
    *** Try to do this outside on a nice day... it really stinks up the house quickly!!!***

    Here is the link to the video.