• Dear Middle School Parents: 


    Thank you for cooperation and support throughout this process and the decision made to separate our middle school students for a quarantine time period. 

    A few things to share with you and the students:  

    1. We are very much looking forward to the return of our middle school students on Monday, November 2nd.

    2. Our case student is doing well; has since fully recovered with mild symptoms and is cleared to return.

    3. To our Direct Contacts, school, basketball and football related, we hope that you continue to be well.

    4. For the remaining students, likewise, we wish you to continue to be well.

    5. Please bring back materials and any Chromebooks borrowed from school.

    FOR ALL:  Tomorrow would technically be the end of the quarantine time frame (obviously, we are not in school).  Therefore, I am asking all middle school families to take no more than a serious minute to fill out a quick survey.  

    Please note: 

    1. This is confidential and only seen by Mr. Shore.

    2. Should any student have tested positive and/or have had recent onset of symptoms during the time period, that will not affect other middle school students (except siblings) since all have quarantined. This will be handled on an individual basis, IF NEEDED! 

    This SURVEY MUST be completed for the return of your child(ren). 

    CLICK on the LINK below:


     -Thank you

    Mr. Shore