FID Feb 2, 2021

  •  5th, 4th and 3rd grade FID assignments are posted in your teacher's google classroom . Have fun!


    FID Feb 11,2021

    Hello K1! Last week, we learned how to draw a fish. For today, I would like you to do a drawing of a fish.  Pretend your fish is going outside to play in the snow! What would your fish wear?  What would your fish do?  Would your fish play in the snow with other fishy friends? Would your fish go sledding? What would a fish sled look like?  
    Put as much detail in as you like. Be silly and creative with this, and have fun! 
    Have someone take a photo of your drawing and send it to my email ( I would love to see your creations!!! Mrs. Haller


    1B: Your Art FID assignment for today is to continue our lesson on printing, but with using the snow. You will need to wait until the snow stops.Go through your house and find some objects that have an interesting shape and are plastic. ( please do not use a stuffed animal, or the family Bible). Find a nice flat area that you can work in. Gently press the object into the snow and create a print. Do this several times, to create a pattern.  You may use a mcdonalds happy meal toy, the bottom of a shoe, a soccer ball, a plastic headband, and so on. If you can, please have someone take a picture of your creation and email it to me at
     Here are some examples to get you started... ( some of these are very detailed and I am not expecting you to do something this elaborate. I just want you to focus on making a print and repeating it to create a pattern. Have fun and stay warm!!!  Mrs. Haller
    image.png    image.png    image.png  image.png



    FID Feb 2, 2021:

    Go outside, and make a snow sculpture. You can do a “traditional “ snowman, or you can challenge yourself to do something else. Try to sculpt a snow woman, complete with accessories like earrings, a necklace and purse. Or sculpt a snow baby, a snow dog, a snow dinosaur, or even a snow bird! If the snow is too fluffy to build anything, make a flat spot in the snow and draw a really big picture with a stick. Add details, by using twigs and anything else you can find in your yard. Take a picture and send it to my email:



    FID Jan 26, 2021:


    2nd grade:::

    We have just finished learning about Prehistoric Cave art. 

    Use what you learned about how the Prehistoric people drew their animals, and draw yourself as a Prehistoric person , playing in the snow. Imagine you are a Prehistoric person. What would a snow day look like, if you lived back then. You wouldn't live in a house, but a cave. You wouldn't have a super awesome sled and warm mittens. What would you look like? What would you use to sled on?

    You may include your pets and family members. 

    You do not need to color your drawing. 

    Remember, The Prehistoric people were painting their pictures on rough cave walls, using very basic materials. Just like we drew the animals, draw yourself as a simple stick figure, and add details that make you different from other people. For example, include glasses if you wear them, and give your Prehistoric person the same hair as you ( short hair, pigtails, curly hair, and so on. )

    You may either bring this with you to class next week, or have your parents take a photo and send it to my email.

    Have fun and enjoy the day!!!


    1st grade :

    We have been learning about printing. 

    As we just learned, printing is when you use a “plate” to create a design and make many copies of it, in mirror image form. 

    I am going to challenge you to find 5 items in your house that have a somewhat flat surface, that you can use to make a print. This will end up being more like a stamper, than a print, but we’ll go with it:)

    Please check with your parents first, before you use and color anything for this project!

    Find the objects, color them with washable marker, and stamp them onto a piece of paper. You may put all 5 items on the same paper. Experiment with different types of objects. You may use a lego, an apple slice, an eraser, a happy meal toy, bubble wrap, and so on. *****Remember in class...after coloring the top of the paper, you had to dampen the paper, before folding it onto the colored section. Depending on what item you use to print, you may need to dampen your paper with a sponge or paper towel, before you press your item with marker onto it. 

    Be creative!

    Bring your paper with you to class next week and we will compare objects used.



    We have been learning about Van Gogh and his painting style. We have used this to create a painting in his style, of the arctic region. 

    You will be adding an arctic critter to your arctic scene. 

    Imagine you are magically zapped to the arctic and made friends with one of the arctic critters. 

    Draw a picture of yourself and one of the arctic animals, on an adventure. Will you go sledding with an arctic hare, will you build an igloo with a penguin? Or float on an iceberg with a polar bear? 

    Be creative, and have fun!

    Bring your drawing with you to class next week.