Virtual learning lessons: k-1st. 3rd, 4th, and 5th will be posted on their teacher's google classroom page by 9 am on Thursday.

  • Virtual learning lessons:


    The students learned how to draw a basic fish last week in class. They were sent home with a large piece of paper on Wednesday. Please have them use that to do this project. They sould use a pencil to draw their scene, and then use crayons to color their fish. We will be watercoloring them later, so please do not let them color the enitre underwater scene. If they don't have crayons at home, just have them leave it uncolored. Markers will not work for this project. If your chld gets frustrated with drawing their fish, please remeind them that there are som many different types of fish, and it is completely ok if their fish looks different than mine. :)



    1st grade:

    We are working on printing. Since the students don'thave their printing plates with them at home, and I don't want to send paint home to potentially make a mess, we are starting our new project today. The students should follow along with the video, and do a drawing of a cardinal. This drawing should be brought back to school, and given to me the net time we have art. I will put it aside, and we will work on after we finish the printing project. Please remind them that it is completely ok if their bird does not lok like mine. The more unique, the better:)