K1 Schedule
  • Regular Schedule

    8:15- Arrival

    8:20- Announcements, prayer, attendance, lunch count, check take home folders

    8:25- Morning Meeting (calendar, weather, 100's chart, popcorn, words, etc.)   (Liturgy Day- 8:30-9:15)

    8:50- Snack Break and story time

    9:00-Language Arts, Heggerty         (Friday-9:18-10:06-Music)

    10:00- Special (Library, art, computer, PE, Music )   

          (Friday- 10:10-10:45-Language Arts, Heggerty)

    10:50-prayer, Lunch, recess

    11:50-Time with Jesus/Bible time

    12:30-Math      (Friday-Math 12:30-1:00 and Science/Lab Learner-1:00-1:30)

    1:25-snack break

    1:45-center time/afternoon activity

    2:20- Pack up, show and tell, prayer

    3:00- Dismissal

     *(Italian, sign language and some Spanish will be taught at various times during the week)

    2 hour delay schedule

    10:15- Arrival, Attendance, Lunch count

    10:30- (M-Th)-Morning meeting     (F-Special -Music)

    11:00-Language Arts

    11:30- Specials (M-Library T-Art  W-Computer Th-PE   F-Language arts)

    12:00- prayer, Lunch

    12:30-Math        (F-1-1:30 Science)

    1:45-Language Arts 

    2:20-pack up 

    2:30-show and tell



    Liiturgy Schedule

    8:20-Attendance, Lunch count


    9:20-Morning Meeting

    9:50-Special(M-Library T-Art W-Computer)

    10:20- (F-Music)

    1:45-  Math        (Th-PE)


      2PM Schedule 


    8:30- Morning meeting (F-Music)

    9- Language arts   

    9:45-M-Library  T-Art  W-Computer Th-PE (F-Language Arts)


    Early Dismissal


    8:30-Morning meeting   (F-Music)

    8:50-snack break

    9-Language arts  (F-Morning meeting)

    9:30-M-Library, T-Art, W-Computer Th-PE  (F-Language Arts)