Time spent helping and supporting our library program is invaluable. If you are
    interested in becoming a library volunteer, please contact Librarian Mrs. Stoner @
    Your responsibilities would include, checking in/out books, writing slips for forgotten books, sorting books on return cart, shelving books accordingly, assisting with book repairs, and organizing book shelves. 

    All volunteers are required to have background checks, complete clearances and
    display a Diocesan badge before volunteering can begin. 
    The schedule is as follows: 
    Monday: 8:30-9:18 5A     9:18-10:06 2A     10:06-10:54 2B
    Tuesday: 8:30-9:18 1B     9:18-10:06 1A     10:06-10:41 3B1    10:41-11:11 3B2
    Wednesday:  9:18-10:06 K2     10:06-10:54 K1
    Thursday: 8:30-9:18 4A    9:18-10:06 4B     10:06-10:54 5B