• Back to School Night Handout




    August 27, 2018





    Welcome Parents!  I am very excited about being your child’s teacher! We are going to have a great year!



    Listed below are some of the highlights for this school year.



    Some of the topics we will be covering in Math include:



    *      addition, subtraction (2-digit, 3-digit)


    *      time, money, graphing




    In Religion we will be focusing on:



                 *      First Holy Communion
                 *     The Ten Commandments

                 *      First Penance




    In Language Arts we will be:




    *      reading many stories of different genres,including poetry

                  *      doing many activities to accompany the stories

    *       studying Phonics and Grammar

    *       working on Handwriting/ Cursive Writing
    We will have Lab Learner on Fridays.  Students will be able to go up to the Science Lab and do experiments pertaining to the topic we are covering each week.


    There will be many fun projects throughout the year in all of the subjects.

     We will have silent reading time after lunch so the students are required to have a pleasure reading book in their desks.


     Book Reports will be assigned almost every month.  The students will have approximately two weeks to finish their books and complete the follow-up report or activity.



    There will be a test folder going home every Friday. This folder will contain graded tests and worksheets.  Tests are to be signed and returned.  All other papers may be taken out and kept.
     A stick system is a discipline technique I use in the classroom. After a couple of warnings are given, the student will put his or her numbered stick into the blue bucket.  He or she will lose minutes of afternoon recess. If the stick goes into the red bucket, a note or e-mail goes home to the parent.

     I use an individual incentive system for good behavior. When I see good behavior or helping others, I will give the student a ticket.  When the student has a certain amount of tickets, they may get a fun pencil or small toy from the treasure chest.



    **I will be assigning homework Monday through Thursday, and sometimes on the weekend for a project.


     **Sign your child’s homework book every night.



    Send in any notes you have for me or the office in your child’s folder.  This way I am aware of any concerns you have any changes in your child’s way of getting home, etc.  If it is easier, you can send an e-mail to me.  I check several times a day.  My e-mail address is aroos@sainttheresaschool.org.
    **Please CC the School Office when sending an email.  I may have a substitute teacher that day and they will not be able to access my email.


    Students may bring in healthy snacks for afternoon recess. No candy is allowed.


    Cupcakes,brownies, etc. are acceptable for a birthday treat.  Please bring only the amount of the number of students in the class. 



    Please check my website for homework assignments, upcoming events and fun websites you and your child can do at home.



    I welcome any help that you can offer.  I know that this will be a successful and exciting year for all of us!

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