• Yes! Smart Money offers gift certificates.  You can purchase gift certificates from any Smart Money seller.   

    Are you the lucky recipient of a gift certificate?  You have a lot of choices to make.  Click on the "What Cards Do You Keep On Hand" to see what cards we keep in stock and those cards you can buy any time we sell Smart Money.  Simply hand in the gift certificate and you get any cards you choose.


    There are hundreds of additional cards you can choose from.  To see the ENTIRE list of cards that can be ordered for you, go to:  www.shopwithscrip.com.  Upon entering the website you can click "Shop" and start browsing.  At the bottom of the page is an alphabetical list of all the gift cards available to purchase.   Any of the cards on the ShopwithScrip website can be ordered for you.  We order every Sunday and they arrive Tuesday afternoon. 


    Once you have made your decision on what cards you want, you simply need to contact a Smart Money seller during selling times.  Happy Shopping!!


    Smart Money Gift Certificates make EXCELLENT gift for STS Teachers!!!!