• Listed below are school rules and standards for the new Option C gradebook. I use a point system in grading all assignments and tests. Each assessment is assigned a certain number of points and the grades are noted accordingly. If you ever have questions, please feel free to contact me. If your student has make-up work to complete, he/she should see me before or after school, before or after class or at lunch. Enjoy getting to know this wonderful new system with your student!
    The link to reach the grades is:

         Please refer to pages 8-10 in the Parent/Student
    Handbook for more details about the grading system in general.

         Teachers will have an Option C link on their teacher
    webpage that will explain their grading system for each grade level and a
    direct link to Option C.

         Once an assignment is completed by the students, the
    expectation for grades to be posted by the teachers is one week.  A
    grade may be posted sooner; it may be posted in exactly one week.

    4.     Please note, the categories Christian
    Values and Work Habits (that you will see listed once you are on Option C) are
    a cumulative piece in which an Alpha Grade will NOT appear in Option C by the
    teachers until it is Report Card time at the end of each trimester. 

    5.     Also, there may be a category,
    Instructional Support, listed; however, unless your child is seeing Mrs. Barno and/or
    Mrs. Houseman, a grade will NOT appear at all. 
    If your child does go to Instructional Support, those teachers will
    clarify their situation for grading for those students.

       In grades 1– 8, progress reports will no
    longer be printed.  With Option C, you now basically have immediate access
    to a “progress report”.