• What is Student Support?  
    Student support is any supplemental or therapeutic service, remedial or intensive, provided to a student outside of the traditional classroom environment.
    What services are available?
    The following services are provided to Saint Theresa Students by staff from the Capital Area Intermediate Unit:
    • Remedial Reading and Math  (Mrs. Mandia)
    • Speech and Language Therapy  (Mrs. Guion)
    • Counseling for individuals and small groups  (Ms. DeSantis)
    Services provided by Saint Theresa School:
    • Intensive instruction in reading or math
    • Staff include a full time Instructional Support Teacher K-5 (Patti Martin)
    • Full Time Instructional Support Aid for K-5 (Jamie Lippart)
    • Full time Instructional Support Teacher 6-8 (Middle School) (Judy Karas)
    How are services accessed?
    The classroom teacher or a parent can refer students to the Student Support Team (SST).  The SST will then meet to discuss the needs of that particular student and make recommendations for support services.  Remedial students are screened by IU staff and will receive services if they qualify. Intensive support is available for students who have been tested by their home districts and qualify.  Not all qualifying students' needs are best met by our intensive program.  Alternatives will be discussed with families as needed.