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Kindergarten will learn the concepts of wax and use watercolor paints, drawing and prints. 1st Grade will learn art concepts of painting (using watercolor), weaving, printmaking (stenciling), sculpting (constructing paper), collage and clay bodies. 2nd Grade will learn more about painting techniques and tools, printmaking (stamping and rubbing) and sculpting (paper figures using carboard and glue) . 3rd Grade will continue expanding on the art concepts learned in 1st and 2nd grades and add beading and using 3D within their art projects. 4th Grade adds more with sculpting by building clay figures and more complex structures. 5th Grade will learn to sculpt faces, more complex weaving techniques and more painting techniques. 

6th Grade will continue to build on the basic art concepts learned in elementary school and do landscape paintings learning about shadowing and depth. They will continue sculpting using armature and using a thread and needle making tiny clothes for their art creations. 7th Grade will learn opaque techniques into painting and about famous artists like Georgia O'Keeffe and do projects in their art style like faux batix. 8th Grade does a year long project like an old book converted over about themselves. Last year, they painted ceiling tiles that were installed in the cafeteria for all to enjoy for years to come!