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Intermediate 4-5th Grades

4th Grade:                                Miss Sarah Eby                            Mr. James Morrissey

5th Grade:                                 Mrs. Vikki DeBastiani               Mrs. Marnie Levens

Miss Eby graduated from Saint Theresa in 2014, and from Trinity in 2018. She is so excited to be back teaching at her alma mater. She graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2022 with a bachelor's in Elementary Education and has returned to school to complete my Masters of Arts in Education/Curriculum and Instruction. She is excited to start her second year here at Saint Theresa School!

4th and 5th Grade Religion: Each year students will expand upon the curriculum learned the years before. Areas of focus are Scripture, Creed, Holy Mass and the Sacraments, Christian Morality, Prayer, Community and Service.

Parents and the school share the responsibility of educating our children. The religious training of our
students, which begins at home, is continued throughout the school year through daily prayer and
various other prayer services and liturgical opportunities afforded to the students throughout the year.
Liturgy: Mass for the entire student body is held weekly and on Holy Days of Obligation. During Lent,
students will attend the Stations of the Cross. Individual teachers may take their class to morning liturgy
at any time after notifying the church office of their intent. Students have the opportunity to plan a liturgy
with their class at least once during the year.

4th and 5th Grade Language Arts: They will be analyzing literature, grammar, writing, speaking and listening and foundations in the English language. They will distinguish the characteristics of various genres, determine main ideas, comprehend text, compare literary elements and devices. Students will write narrative pieces such as poems, plays, and multi-paragraph stories. They will introduce a conflict, follow a plot structure, generate fully-developed characters, use dialogue to effectively develop character traits and conflict, use literary elements and devices. 5th graders will write a 5 paragraph expository essay.

4th Grade Math: Students will use models and or words to represent quantities as decimals, fractions, or mixed numbers. They will be able to demonstrate an understanding of fractions as part of a whole or set and as a location on a number line. They will apply the appropriate operation to solve word or computation problems, rounding and estimation to solve problems, and convert linear measurements within the same system. In Geometry, they will be able to identify and describe the basic properties of 2D or 3D dimensional figures and use properties or relationships of points, lines, line segments, rays, and angles. In Algebra, create and model expressions, equalities and inequalities using numbers and symbols and determining the missing number or symbol in a number sentence. They will interpret data shown on tables, charts, line graphs, or pictographs and formulate predictions and draw conclusions based on data or probability.

5th Grade Math: They will demonstrate understanding of fractions as parts of a unit whole, as parts of a collection, as a location on number line, and as division of whole numbers. They will be able to use order of operations to simplify numerical expressions, to solve equations and apply estimation strategies to a variety of problems. They will solve problems using simple conversions, add and subtract measurements, and solve problems involving length, time, weight, mass, capacity, temperature, perimeter, area, and money. In Geometry, they will identify, define, and use basic properties of quadrilaterals, triangles, circles, pyramids, cubes, and prisms, analyze transformations, and use symmetry to analyze mathematical situations. In Algebra, they will select and use appropriate strategies, to solve number sentences and create an equation to a situation.  

4th Grade Science: 4th graders focus on magnetization, how objects collide in various environments, electricity, and circuits. Also, how energy is produced and conserved, waves and the movement of water, earthquakes and seismic plates, and light and its effects in Physical Science. They will learn why the Earth is changing including rock formations, weather, fossils, mountains and other natural physical features. They will learn that plants and animals have internal and external structures that function to support survival, growth, behavior, and reproduction in Life Science.

5th Grade Science: 5th graders will learn about chemical and physical change, condensation, matter and the conservation of mass. In Physical Science, gravitational force, photosynthesis, and energy flow. They will learn about distance, light and the sun's place in our universe. Students will learn how organisms live, grow, respond to their environment, and reproduce. They will focus on ecosystems, various species and the food chain.