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Teachers:                               Mrs. Heather Lacour             Miss Erin Madison

Aides:                                         Miss Sam Elmore                 Mrs. Kim Stackpole

Kindergarten is full day at Saint Theresa School. They have 5th grade reading buddies and 8th grade church buddies that they work with and bond with throughout the school year. They celebrate Day 50 (with a 50's themed costumes), Day 100 (with elderly costumes), Pumpkin Day, Saints Day, Dr Seuss Day, Three Kings Day, Holidays (with themed parties/activities). They learn daily prayers in Religion, counting in Math, spelling and vocabulary in Language Arts, physical education, music, art, library and STEM.

In Kindergarten, students will develop self-awareness and learn appropriate actions within a classroom setting while developing social interactions. Our goal is to get them to be able to function independently in a classroom being able to manage their feeling and behaviors appropriately.

In Math, students will practice daily using numbers, computations, estimation and measurements. They will make predictions about quantity, size, shape and use problem solving skills. They will get exposure to probability, predictions, pictograms and exploring the foundations for algebraic thinking.

In language arts, students will begin to read independently and understanding content withing various types of text. Students will begin to focus on the quality of their writing including their handwriting. They will be listening to directions and readings and be able to speak their responses. Finally, they will chose a topic, research it and talk about it in class.