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Welcome to the St Theresa School Library for the 2023/2024 school year! My name is Deb Richard, and I am the school’s librarian. I am also the assistant principal. We have a lot of fun here in our library as we read stories and master library and research skills! 

Students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade will have the chance to select one library book each week during their library time. They will need to return the book the following week to check out another book.

Students in 3rd grade and above will have the opportunity to check out up to 2 books each week. They may renew their books if they like for up to 2 additional weeks. Children must bring their books to the library if they want to renew them. This is a new rule this year! If they do not bring their books back even to renew, they will not be able to select a new book.

If books have not been returned or brought in for renewal for 30 days, the replacement cost of the book will be invoiced to the student.

Looking for a book? Are there copies available? Click here!



The New Cumberland Library allows you to check out ebooks with your library card! Visit: New Cumberland Library eBook page

If you don't have a library card but want to have digital access to books, please visit: Digital Access Card Request

 Central Dauphin School District can access the Dauphin County system. Visit: Dauphin County All Ready Access



Time spent helping and supporting our library program is invaluable. Your responsibilities would include, checking in/out books, writing slips for forgotten books, sorting books on the return shelf, shelving books accordingly, assisting with book repairs, and organizing bookshelves, assisting students in finding books.

***All volunteers are required to have completed all necessary background checks and clearances and obtain a volunteer badge.  You must display a Diocesan badge when volunteering. ***Please note that weekly schedules are subject to change. Be sure to check your email before coming to volunteer in case our schedule is changed!  Please feel free to email me with any questions


Click this link to see what books are available at STS:

Destiny Discover Home (


Middle School

One focus will be on Digital Literacy.  To do this, I am asking all the middle school students, with your permission, to obtain an e-Card for PA Power Library.  We will practice effective research skills in class using this site.  The site has many resources as well as connects to Cumberland County and Dauphin County libraries. The sources will be different from a “Google Search” ...more reliable and experts have checked them…however, no Internet database is perfect. Because PA Power Library must confirm residency in Pennsylvania and your child is under the age of 18, It cannot be done in class. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.  Please email if you do not want your child to obtain an eCard for PA Power Library.

Please go on to the PA Power Library site:

  • Fill in the form with your email and residency information.
  • Your child will use their school email address as their email for the eCard. (first initial and last name Example:
  • After you complete the form and submit it, you will receive an email that says, "POWER Library eCard Notice".  This email will take a day to receive.
  • The eCard will be sent through your CHILD’s email. I will allow students to access their school email to obtain their eCard number during library class.  They will forward their card number to me, so I have a copy.

911 Memorial Interactive Museum Visit website: Interactive Museum Experience | National September 11 Memorial & Museum (

Click here for the non-profit website: Nonprofit Jobs, Volunteering, and More - Idealist

Kindergarten- 1st Grade: Kindergarten and 1st Graders will learn about Library Citizenship understanding policies and procedures of the library. They will learn how the library is organized, the difference between fiction and non-fiction and about the parts of a book. Students will be able to identify the title, author and illustrator.

2nd Grade: 2nd Graders will continue to demonstrate awareness in Library Citizenship while properly exhibiting these behaviors while in class. They will be able to use the card catalog system through alphabetizing and subject headings. 2nd graders will be able to distinguish the differences between fiction and non-fiction's characteristics and will begin to work in groups. 

3rd Grade: 3rd Graders will be able to locate fiction and non-fiction books within the library as well as beginning to understand the various classifications within them. They will continue to work on literary interpretation skills and begin to work on literature appreciation. They begin to research materials in reference books and learn keyword searches in internet search engines.

4th Grade: 4th Graders will add in the listening and verbalizing skills within the interpretation of books. They expand on research skills by learning more about dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlas', periodicals and newspapers and begin to use reporting techniques for these references.

5th Grade: 5th Graders will make more personal connections, be able to express opinions and differentiate between fact and opinion within literary interpretation. They will expand their electronic research skills, has and uses a library card and can correctly cite and format a works cited page.

Middle Schoolers: 6th- 8th Graders will be expanding on the literary interpretation skills by being able to identify the 5 elements of a story, understanding narratives and be able to effectively interpret and give appropriate opinions. They will learn about plagiarism and copywriting and how to avoid them and properly give credit when credit it due.