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MS Math


Mr. Ronald Cokain

Miss Tara Strackhouse


Mr. C joined the Saint Theresa family last school year. He is very passionate about teaching math to middle school students, which just goes to show that God has special niche and purpose for each of us! He will be leading the Math Club in the 2024/25 school year.

6th Grade: 6th graders will focus on number and operations being able to discern number systems, decimals, fractions, percent and integers. They will be able to solve problems using ratios and proportions. They will be able to understand measurements and the tools and techniques to work with them. They will work with two dimensional figures and solve for area, volume and angles. They will be able to express mathematical relationships using fractions, variables, expressions, equations, graphs, tables and rules. Finally, calculating probability and analyzing data sets to get mean, median and mode.

7th Grade: 7th graders will focus on in depth learning on algebraic concepts and probability, while continuing to strength the concepts from 6th grade.

8th Grade: Every 8th grader will be able to put numbers into scientific notation, find square roots, compute rationale numbers without a calculator, use a number line properly, convert measurements. Identify geometry properties, determine angles, calculate linear dimension, identify properties of complex measurements, Pythagorean Theorem and properly use geometric principles. Determine slope Analyze and determine mathematical equations in algebraic concepts including slope, graphs, functions, inequalities, linear functions and changing variables. To be able to calculate probability, draw conclusions from data sets and determine combinations.

Algebra: Students will be able to simplify numerical equations, understand variables, simplifications of algebraic expressions, graph real numbers, including the four basic operations, and absolute value. To be able to solve inequalities of all number types, use the 5 step method to solve word problems, graph equations and inequalities on a coordinate plane. Students will be able to solve polynomial equations, factoring, rationale expressions and irrational number equations.