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MS Science


Mrs. Kerri Rapp

Science Fair:                            Mrs. Michelle Banks


Mrs. Rapp graduated from McDaniel College BA and Johns Hopkins University MAT. She has dual citizenship for the United States and Ireland.  She lives in York with her husband and 3 children and we attend Saint Patrick’s.  My family strongly believes in Catholic education.  All three of my children have attended Catholic school since kindergarten. She has previously taught 4th grade, middle school social studies and physical education before becoming our Middle School science teacher.  Teaching is a vocation and she feels blessed to be working at St. Theresa's with the wonderful students and families!   

Mrs. Banks, former MS Science teacher, helps Saint Theresa students with their science fair projects. She also can be seen substitute teacher her at our school.    

6th Grade: 6th Graders will do science fair projects in the Spring. They will learn about matter and structure in Physical Science. They will learn about the Universe and Earth's place, including how it moves and about the solar system.  In Life Science they will focus on organisms, reproduction and how they interact within their environment.

7th Grade: 7th Graders will do science fair projects in the Fall. They will learn about gravitational pull, motion, distance, temperature and sound waves in Physical Science. They will learn more about the solar system and how the planets are in various weather climates, including plate tectonics and the ocean effects on our planet. In Life Science, they will learn about the ecosystems, artificial selection and genetics.

8th Grade: 8th Graders will do their science fair projects in the Fall. They learn about substances, chemical relationships, periodic table, energy and energy transfer in Physical Science. They learn more about the atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere and hydrosphere and how weather and climate effects the earth. 8th graders will focus on water quality and how pollution effects our natural resources and our planet. Finally, they will learn about cells, evolution, sensory organs, natural selection and adaptation.