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Physical Education


Mrs. Jill Smith


Preschool through eighth grades have weekly physical education classes. Students play games and learn the basics of many sports. Preschool focuses on running, jumping, obstacle courses and working together. Students expand on the basic concepts as they move throughout elementary school. The class is set up in modules such as Olympic games, Holiday themed activities, American Heart Association Challenge and Field Day! Students participate in volleyball, Newcombe, Kickball, Softball, Golf, Tennis and relay/obstacle courses.

Kindergarten- 1st Grade: Will be able to demonstrate responsibility for their personal and social behavior. Will be able to run, leap, jump, hop, gallop, skip, chase, flee, dodge, twist, swing, stretch, bend, throw, catch and strike. They will apply movement concepts such as over/under, behind, alongside, vertical  jumps and leg flexion. They begin to develop positive attitudes and learn to play fair and take turns. They will sustain moderate physical activity such as jumping jacks, toe-touches, galloping and skipping.

2nd- 3rd Grade: Will be able to demonstrate responsibility for their personal and social behavior. Will be able to chase, flee, dodge, jump, dribble, pass, catch, kick and strike and continue to develop motor skills. Develops a positive attitude and participates in physical activity, taking turns and being fair. Learns about fitness including heart rate, breathing and intensity. Exhibits social interaction regardless of personal differences.

4th- 6th Grade: Continue to exhibit self awareness while maintaining self control in various physical activities. Continue to use motor skills while adding hip rotation, timing, extension, follow through, weight transfer and sliding. Performing movement concepts including low center of gravity and adjusting through speed, balance and possession. Exhibits understanding with muscular endurance, cardio-vascular endurance, caloric intake, strength and flexibility while maintaining flexibility, intensity, time and type. 

7th- 8th Grade: Continue to perform movement while adding in dance movement techniques. Increasing vigorous physical activity for a specific period of time demonstrating cardio and muscular understanding. Demonstrating positive peer influence, resolving conflict and cooperating with teachers.