• stem club
    Coordinators:  Mrs. Green and Mrs. Banks
    Students in middle school have the opportunity to discover topics of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and apply them to simple experiments done during activity period during school hours.

    The Club is held during activity period once a month (week four).  Students are able to sign up for one of two STEM Activities each cycle, and go to the respective teacher heading that activity.  So far this year, we've done activities such as building index card towers, owl pellets, finding the height of trees applying similar triangles with meter sticks and shadows, classifying leaves and trees, looking at pond water under a microscope and having students investigate static electricity and the physics of a moving model car.
    Mrs. Green and Mrs. Banks are excited to also add activities such as physics and chemistry kits and simple computer coding, among others, to the list as the school year continues.