1B Newsletter   

    Week of November 13 , 2023

    Game Plan for Next  Week:


    Reading/Phonics: review and assess all tricky words and Unit 1 Skills concepts, Unit 1 Skills  Assessment, begin Unit 2 Skills (Phonics)

    In Reading Comprehension, we will read Hu Gu Po, Tselane and review and assess Domain 3. 

    Writing What is a CUPS sentence? Use editing symbols to find errors in sentences and fix them. 

    Spelling- short u words


    Math-start Chapter 3   Addition Concepts to 20 , build on our understanding of addition to add coins and “count on”, practice math facts with M and M’s in a turkey game


    Religion-gratitude, being thankful, Saint Cecelia


    Social Studies- The First Thanksgiving, Mayflower, Thanksgiving traditions in our families


    11/10 November Homework Packet Week 2 Due, Spelling Test Short o

    Veterans Day Ceremony

    11/12 4-6:30 STS Skating Event at Fountain Blu, Discover Catholic Schools Week Begins

    11/13 Dress like your first grade friends- wear yellow- the color of friendship. (It’s twin day/follow DOUD guidelines.)

    Discover STEM at STS Family Night 6:30-7:30 pm in the cafeteria 

    11/14 DOUD guidelines- dress like one of your parents’ occupations

    8:45 Discover Catholic Schools Week Mass 

    11/15 Picture Day / Write a letter to an STS Teacher/Staff member to be eligible to win a FREE DOUD coupon. Send it to the development office. 

    11/16 SPORTS DAY dress up/ DOUD guidelines

    11/17 Spelling Test short u, November Packet Week 3 Due  

    1.00 DOUD blue/gold for Marie Carr

    STS families welcome at 2 pm for pep rally

    11/21 No Mass Spelling Bee

    11/22-11/27 Thanksgiving Break

    12/1- December presentation- BOOK REPORT ORNAMENTS- information was sent home last week- red packet


    NEW THEME- Something I am thankful for… 

    11/13 Lauren

    11/14 Maddie

    11/15 Aurora

    11/16 Leo

    11/17 Christopher



    1. We could use donations of:

    • Large bag/container of M and M’s for turkey game- about 20 candies per kid

    • 1 inch wooden peg dolls for reading craft-50 pack

    • Thanksgiving Mayflower meal- beef jerky for class, box of saltines, dried fruit for class, Christmas stickers/counters/stamps (Dollar Store ish items)

    1. Please stay tuned for information regarding Christmas Around the World- we will need donations from a few different countries. 







    Thank you for supporting our learning in first grade. 


    Mrs. Sexton