• The cost to educate a child at Saint Theresa School is +$7,000 per year.  In order to make Catholic education affordable at STS, the parish provides a subsidy of over $600,.000 per year.  The subsidies, school fundraisers, EITC monies, scholarships, donations help make the tuition at Saint Theresa School affordable.   Financial aid is available to those who qualify.


    22/23 Rates for Catholic Parishioners:

    1st child (K-8th) |  $5,350

    2nd child (K-8th) | $9,000

    3rd child (K-8th) | $11,600

    Each additional child | add $2,500


    22/23 Rates for Non-Catholics:

    1st child (K-8th) | $6,350

    2+ child(s) (K-8th) | $6,050 each