40 Hour Adoration Mass- Varsity Basketball Teams
  • My name is Lauren Grace, and I am the head Varsity Girls' basketball coach at Saint Theresa Infant Jesus parish. I am also an alumnus and former women's basketball player at Mount St. Mary’s University. I wanted to share a few experiences our team has recently had the privilege of experiencing.

    Last weekend, we had the chance to take our team down to Mount St Marys for our annual pilgrimage to the Grotto of Lourdes. The girls were able to spend a lot of time praying and reflecting on these sacred grounds. We also spent some time in prayer with the team in the University’s Immaculate Conception campus chapel. In addition, the team was also able to sit in on the Mount Women’s shoot around, get a tour of their locker room and also watch the Women in action in the evening against Cornell in Knott Arena. Overall, it was a great team bonding experience. 

    In addition, I thought it was worth sharing that both the Saint Theresa Infant Jesus Girls and Boys Varsity Basketball teams and coaches had the privilege of participating in the 40 hrs adoration mass this evening which was led by Harrisburg’s own Bishop “Emeritus” Gainer. Another wonderful example & opportunity for our basketball program to evangelize our players through our sports programs while helping the parish youth become closer in their relationship with God. 

    We will also be performing several service projects over the coming months that I can update you on as we complete them. Our parish basketball program participates in the virtual equal strength program as well, which has been a wonderful way to bring players closer to their faith through the game of basketball.

    Players and Coaches of the Girls team include: Kendall Colgate, Emily D’Agostino, Rowan Dawson, Emma Grace, Rayana Hamlin, Carly Panckeri, Kendall Ferrero, Lilly Morris, Addison Chapones, Maddie Sexton, Sydney Weaver and Taylor Bretz. Coached by Lauren Grace, Alicia Colgate and Jordan Dupes

    Players and coaches of the Boys team include: Aiden Fournier, Alex Czarnecki, Charlie Melchionni, Jack Czarnecki, Jalyn Bratcher, Liam Bauer, Mikey Williams Luke Bowser, Manny Gassis, Mason Noecker, Nike Craig, Tommy Jones and Torin Lang. Coached by Jason Grace, Scott Rider, Adam Boussatta and Sam Bates




STPAA Girls Varsity Basketball Team
Grotto of Lords at Mount St Marys