• Giant A plus school rewards
    GIANT® School Rewards
    GIANT® Food Stores is pleased to offer the A+ School Rewards program to our local schools and customers. Since May 2005 over $3.1 million dollars has been donated to community schools participating in the A+ School Rewards. With the A+ School Rewards program, your school earns CASH each time you shop at any GIANT® Food Stores using your BONUSCARD.
    *You do not have to re-register each school year.   Did you register last year?  Any doubts?  Please take the time to re-register.
    This does NOT take away from any other bonus offers/Gas points/holiday promotions.  Saint Theresa School relies HEAVILY on the amount received from Giant each year for this program.  
    The School ID code for St. Theresa School is 01212.