The Collaborative Summer Library Program theme for 2018’s summer reading program is ‘LIBRARIES ROCK’.  Summer is the perfect time to catch up on all those great books you’ve been wanting to read.  What better way to maintain the level of reading skill you achieved during the school year or increase it and succeed even more, while exploring worlds of excitement and adventure.    

                So stay on track with your reading skills by participating in the Saint Theresa School Library Summer Reading Program.  Participants will be recognized and rewarded in September for their reading accomplishments.  All reading charts must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the Library by the first week of September.  Please note that all books read for any other reading program will also count toward the St. Theresa School Library Summer Reading Program.  See the reverse side of this paper for the program rules.  All books must be appropriate to your reading level.  So find a quiet, cozy nook and explore the world inside a book.  READ AND HAVE FUN!


            The mission of the St, Theresa School Library is to support and enrich the educational objectives of the school curriculum, as well as represent the school's Catholic Christian philosophy and values. The library is an active center for learning in our school that serves the educational, informational and recreational needs of its students and teachers. The goals of the library are to foster and support intellectual curiosity, to stimulate learning and encourage a life-long love of reading.  
            Students from grades Kindergarten through 5th grade visit the library weekly to check out books, enjoy story time, receive literary genre introduction and library skill instruction, to research and more. Students in grades 6 through 8 do not have a specific library period.  However, they will still have access to the library.  They will continue to be able to check out books and utilize the reference materials as needed.     Depending on the grade level, students are able to check out one to four books at a time from the library. Reference materials are typically not checked out but may be one night only if necessary. Every student has their own library card that is kept in the library. Books are due back in one to two weeks, but are able to be renewed as needed. Fines are assessed for overdue books. Payment is required for lost or damaged books. Library computers may be used to access the card catalog and research only.