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Mrs. BJ Meagher

Saint Theresa School is committed to having a quality music program.  The music department believes that students should activly participate in musis.  Students will have the opportunity to move to music, listen to music and play a wide variety of musical instruments in the classroom setting.  Students can also select to participate further through participation in the choir and band programs at the school.  Information on those activities can be found under the Extracurricular page on the main page of the web site.

Our newest edition to the program is the new piano lab.  right now, every student in grade 4 through 8 has begun learning the fundamentals of playing the piano.  Although we are learning some basic songs, the curriculum is not going to be to have every student take piano lessons.  It is more intended to have the students learn the basics of playing the piano and then we can work on some creative activities.   This winter the students have had their second piano unit.  The 4th through 6th grade has been learning about intervals and how they are used to create harmony.  All students played the intervals of 2nd, 3rd and 5ths to accompany a song.  Some worked on playing songs with 2 hands.  The 7th and 8th grade students have been working on the pattern of the major scale, understanding whole and half steps and the pattern that creates a major scale.   All middle school students also did a creativity project where they were given rhythms and had to create a pentatonic melody.  Some more advanced students also added harmonies to their melody. 

Make Your Own Instrument Project - Our fourth graders start the year discussing the families of instruments and how they create sound. At the end of the unit, the students make their own instruments. The students did a great job this year. One student in particular tried to create a unique percussion instrument. Wyatt Easton made what he called a PVC Xylophone. We named it after him and we call it the Wyaphone. Wyatt’s family shared some photo’s of Wyatt making his instrument. The neat thing is that it really plays! And if you look real close you can see that he used the sandles he was wearing to build the Wyaphone to play it in class. (He assured me they were cleaned first!)  There were many other awesome instruments brought in this year and the whole class learned a lot about the families of Instruments!