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    Your child will need to cover their extra large Wonders reading book, small reading book, and a large Pennsylvania book this week.  Feel free to send in the stretchy "book socks" or the paper bag cover is perfectly fine, too.



     4th grade kids get free admission to a lot of historical parks this entire year till August 2020!  



    New math website we will be using:


    I will be sending home a parent letter. Class code:  10FC1B

    Students in our class requested this site. 


    2019- 2020

     Mrs. Deb Richard

    4th Grade Teacher- 4A

    St. Theresa School



     Please send in inexpensive ear buds for your child to use with his/her Chrome Book.  We will leave these in our desks.



    Instrument Lessons:

    There will be a parent information night on Monday, September 23rd, at 7 PM in the
    school gym.  Please note that if your child does lessons, there might be a possibility of extra homework that night.

    Week of September 16- 20, 2019 


     Monday: Music

                    Math HW- pp. 83- 86

                    Continents and Oceans Quiz (study guide given)


     Tuesday: P.E. (Wear your P.E. uniform.)

                     Math- "Check My Progress" (Know the addition Properties and Subtraction Rules)

                     Reading- small book

                     Chapter 2 Religion Test (Study guide given)


     Wednesday: Spanish

                          No School- Teacher Educational Conference 


    Thursday:  Library

                      Math HW- pp. 91- 92


     Friday: Art

                 Math HW-pp. 97- 98

                 Weekly Assessment/ Spelling and Grammar Quiz (see below) 


    Weekly Assessment

    Unit 1 Week 4 (Narrative Nonfiction) 9/20

    Vocabulary:  friction, identity, thrilling, advantage, gravity, accelerate, inquiry, capabilities

    Comprehension Strategy:  reread

    Comprehension Skill:  Cause and Effect

    Vocabulary Strategy:  context clues

    Grammar:  clauses and complex sentences

    Spelling:  Long i

    climb, minding, pies, die, height, sigh, fright, slight, drive, file, kite, prime, pride, slices, twice, wipe, pry, sly, shy, spy

    Unit 1 Week 5 (Persuasive Article) 9/27

    Vocabulary:  compassionate, enterprise, exceptional, funds, innovative, process, routine, undertaking

    Comprehension Strategy:  Reread

    Comprehension Skill:  Main idea and key details

    Vocabulary Strategy:  Suffixes

    Grammar:  Run-On Sentences

    Spelling:  long o

    1.bolt 2. mold 3. toll 4. shadow 5. flow 6. mows 7. lower 8. blown 9. quote 10. mole

    1. stone 12. stove 13. chose 14. sole 15. stole 16. goal 17. groan 18. load 19. roasting 20. woe

    Important Notes:

    (SOON) Countries Quiz (study sheet given)

    9/23 iREAD Book Report Due (See Project Binder or this Website for Details)

    9/25 Lifetouch Picture Day- APPROVED SCHOOL UNIFORM

    9/26 Science Quiz on Q1 Words from INV. 1 and 2 (These are flashcards that we made in class.)

    Google Classroom

    User: (first initial)(last name)@sainttheresaschool.org

    Password: stts(lunch number)

     Be sure to review the dress code by clicking on the handbook link on the school website.

     Spencer and Skye Francis  

      "Tales with T.A.I.L.S." (Therapy Animals Increase Literacy Skills)