The project binder is uploaded!

    iRead Book Report Due Sept. 23rd

    USA Map Due Oct. 13 (Maps will be given out soon- students should NOT color over the state name.  Details in the project binder)


    Richard Review 


    Mrs. Deborah Richard

    4th Grade Teacher- 4A

    St. Theresa School 

    Phone: 717-774-7464

    Email: drichard@sainttheresaschool.org

    Degrees and Certifications:

    B.S. in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education

    Kutztown University   




     TEST FOLDERS WILL BE SENT HOME MONDAY/ Grades are available on Rediker

    Week of September 21- 25, 2020 

    This week you will need to study each night!

    If students do not complete class work, it will be homework.

    Homework binders, homework books, and flashcards for PA and science should go home and be brought back each day.

    Monday: ACTIVITY 

                   Math- pp. 83-84, 86


    Tuesday: ART (Bring an art shirt to leave at school- please label it.  We will store it in our crates.)

                    iRead Book Report Due (in project binder)

                    Religion Test- Chapter 2

                    Math- Check My Progress- Know your addition properties and subtraction rules.  


    Wednesday:  MUSIC

                          Continents and Oceans Quiz (use study guide to study)

                          Math- pp. 91- 92


     Thursday:  PHYS. ED.- Wear your P.E. uniform to school.

                       Science Quiz- Q1 vocabulary

                       Math- pp. 97- 98


     Friday:  ACTIVITY

                  Math- pp. 103- 106 (2 pages, we will start some of this in class)

                  Sp., Gr., Vocabulary, and Weekly Assessment 


    Weekly Assessment: Mrs. Richard's Language Arts Class



    Week of 9/21   Unit 1 Week 4 (Narrative Nonfiction)

    Vocabulary:  friction, identity, thrilling, advantage, gravity, accelerate, inquiry, capabilities

    Comprehension Strategy:  reread

    Comprehension Skill:  Cause and Effect

    Vocabulary Strategy:  context clues

    Grammar:  clauses and complex sentences

    Spelling:  long i

    climb, minding, pies, die, height, sigh, fright, slight, drive, file, kite, prime, pride, slices, twice, wipe, pry, sly, shy, spy



    Important Notes:

    Google Classroom (you will need your own account!)

    User: (first initial)(last name)@sainttheresaschool.org

    Password: stts(lunch number)


     Spencer and Skye Francis  

      "Tales with T.A.I.L.S." (Therapy Animals Increase Literacy Skills)