Mrs. Deborah Richard

    4th Grade Teacher- 4A

    St. Theresa School




    Richard Review

    9/23 Math HW- pp. 103- 106  

    Week of September 26- 30, 2022

    Monday: Music

                   Math HW- pp. 111- 112

                   Study Q1 Flashcards (Investigations 1 and 2)

                   Memorize the 10 Commandments


    Tuesday: Art

                  Study Q1 Flashcards (Investigations 1 and 2)    

                   Math: Check My Progress ( Addition and subtraction of large numbers by regrouping)

                   Memorize the 10 Commandments  


    Wednesday: Library

                         Quiz on Q1 Flashcards (Investigations 1 and 2)

                         Memorize the 10 Commandments      


    Thursday: Spanish

                    Math HW- pp. 97- 98

                    Study for the Ch. 3 Test/ Know the 10 Commandments  


    Friday:  Phys. Ed. (Wear your P.E. uniform and sneakers to school) 

                 MASS- St. Theresa Feast Day

                 Ch. 3 Religion Test

                 Math HW- Study for the Ch. 2 Math Test (adding/ subtracting/ properties of addition/ subtraction rules/ rounding and the math vocabulary)

                 iRead Book Report Due (Directions and point values in the Project Binder (also on my webpage))

                 Weekly Assessments



    Unit 1 Week 5 (Persuasive Article)

    Vocabulary:  compassionate, enterprise, exceptional, funds, innovative, process, routine, undertaking

    Comprehension Strategy:  Reread

    Comprehension Skill:  Main idea and key details

    Vocabulary Strategy:  Suffixes

    Grammar:  Run-On Sentences

    Spelling:  long o

    1.bolt 2. mold 3. toll 4. shadow 5. flow 6. mows 7. lower 8. blown 9. quote 10. mole

    11. stone 12. stove 13. chose 14. sole 15. stole 16. goal 17. groan 18. load 19. roasting 20. woe

    Important Dates: 

    9/30- iRead Book Report Due (Directions in the Project Binder)

             School Mass

    10/3- Substitute Teacher (Miss Eby will also be in attendance.)

    10/6- Lifetouch Picture Day

    10/10- No School

    10/13- USA Map Due (in the project binder/ state names only)


    School Events

    A look ahead:

    Kindergarten Johnny Appleseed Day- 9/26

    STS Golf Outing- 9/30 at Valley Green Golf Course

    Fall Fun Fest- 10/1 (3-9pm) at STS

    School Mass- 9/30 at 8:45am in the church (St. Theresa Feast Day)

    St. Theresa Feast Day celebration- 9/30 (PTO cake at lunches)

    STS Scholarship Golf Outing- 9/30 at Valley Green Golf Course

    Lifetouch Picture Day- 10/6 in the gym

    Grandparents Day- PK: 10/13, PK-1st: 10/14

    Fire Safety Assembly- 10/13 am (fire drill, assembly, fire trucks)

    Kindergarten Pumpkin Day- 10/20

    NC Halloween Parade & 8th Grade Concession stand- 10/18

    Middle School Halloween Dance- 10/21 in the gym

    Trunk or Treat- 10/25 at St. Theresa School in back parking lot

    Bat Dance/Halloween Classroom Parties PK-5th Grades- 10/27