February Book Report:  Read a biography and create a timeline.  Details are in the binder.  We will be going over this next week.

    Books were chosen at library on 1/10.

    Project Due:  February 21st



    2018- 2019

     Mrs. Deb Richard

    4th Grade Teacher

    St. Theresa School



    Winter house


               Week of January 14- 18, 2019   

    Friday Math Homework- NONE

    STUDY FOR YOUR RELIGION TEST 1/22 (study guide given)

     Monday: Music (Mrs. Bordlemay)

                   Math - Check My Progress


     Tuesday: Art (Mrs. Haller)

                    Math HW- pp. 463- 464


     Wednesday: Spanish (Mrs. Haver)

                          Math HW- pp. 469- 470

                          Tales with Tails

                          Unit 3 Reading Test


     Thursday: Library (Mrs. Haubrick) 

                      Math HW- STUDY!

                      Unit 3 Reading Test

                      PA Chapter 5 Test (William Penn/ Pennsylvania Dutch)


     Friday:  P.E. (Miss Corvaia)  Wear your P.E. uniform to school.


                  Substitute Teacher

                  Return the Catholic Schools Week Lunch Forms

                  Math Test- Chapter 7:  Patterns and Sequences              

    Reading Unit 3 Skills to Review (Test 1/16-17):

    author’s point of view, text feature: map, context clues: definitions and restatements, paragraph clues, and synonyms, Latin and Greek suffixes: -ment, Greek roots, comparing across texts, point of view, and verbs (action, linking, tenses, main and helping, and irregular)

    Week of January 21- 25, 2019   

    Friday Math Homework- NONE

    STUDY FOR YOUR RELIGION TEST 1/22 (study guide given)

     Monday: Music (Mrs. Bordlemay)

                   NO SCHOOL


     Tuesday: Art (Mrs. Haller)

                    Math HW- pp. 489- 490 (Fractions)

                    Religion Test- Chapter 9 (study guide given)

                    BOX TOPS DUE!!!!!!


     Wednesday: Spanish (Mrs. Haver)

                          Math HW- pp. 495- 496; study for the "Check My Progresss"


     Thursday: Library (Mrs. Haubrick) 

                      Math HW- pp. 503- 504

                      Math- "Check My Progress"

                      Science Quiz- Light and Optics- Quiz Words Only


     Friday:  P.E. (Miss Corvaia)  Wear your P.E. uniform to school.

                  Simple Machines Inventions Due; Be sure to have your written part as well.

                  Math HW- pp. 509- 510

                  Weekly Assessment, Spelling Test, and Grammar Quiz


    Unit 4 Week 1 (Narrative Nonfiction) 1/25

    Vocabulary:  amendments, commitment, compromise, democracy, eventually, legislation, privilege, version

    Comprehension Strategy:  ask and answer questions

    Comprehension Skill:  cause and effect

    Vocabulary Strategy:   Latin roots

    Grammar:  pronouns

    Spelling:  inflectional endings

    Tasted, ripping, forced, flipping, tapped, flipped, scared, flagged, ripped, skipped, tapping, saved, skipping, scaring, flagging, discussed, saving, tasting, forcing, discussing



    Important Notes:

    1/18  Math Test- Chapter 7

    1/22  Religion Test on Chapter 9

    1/24  Science Quiz on Light and Optics Vocabulary (Quiz Words Only)

    1/ 24  Math: "Check My Progress" (Factors and Multiples/Prime and Composite Numbers)

    1/25 Invention Using Simple Machines Due (Be sure to complete the written part.  Students were given a purple paper which is two sided and has a rubric for instruction/grading.)

     Spencer and Skye Francis  

      "Tales with T.A.I.L.S." (Therapy Animals Increase Literacy Skills)