Missions Collection:

    November 19

      Project Due Date 
     Native American Vest Due 11/16 (Mrs. LaCour handed out the legends during library.  We went over the project in class on 10/14.  The project is in the binder.  All pictures must be drawn not printed.)
    Students were told that they should be reading another book each night since the legends are short.

    8th Grade Cornucopia 

    NOVEMBER 1- 12  

    Please bring in a non-perishable items like canned goods, pasta,cereal, etc. 

    Collection starts November 1st and  

    ends November 12th.  

    It will benefit New Hope Ministries in Lemoyne.

    Richard Review 


    Mrs. Deborah Richard

    4th Grade Teacher- 4A

    St. Theresa School 

    Phone: 717-774-7464

    Email: drichard@sainttheresaschool.org

    Degrees and Certifications:

    B.S. in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education

    Kutztown University

    Advanced Catechetical Certificate

    2021 Golden Apple Award 

    Winter Uniform Starts (See handbook)
    All Saints Day
    Nov. 8- 12: Spirit Week
    Sunday, 11/7: Fountain Blu Skating: from 4:40 PM- 6 PM – Entry is Free.
     Tuesday, 11/9: Family Night Out: PIZZA GRILL (Lemoyne): 11 AM – 9 PM.
     Thursday, 11/11: Veteran’s Day Assembly in the AM & Pep Rally in the PM.
    Nov. 15- 19: Red Ribbon Week







    Week of November 1- 5, 2021

    (subject to change)

    Friday 10/29 Math: pp. 227- 228

    Study for PA Chapter 2 Test on Monday, Nov. 1st


    Monday:  P.E. (Mrs. Smith-Wear your Phys. Ed. uniform to school.)

                   Math- pp. 233- 234

                   PA Chapter 2 Test

                   Mass- All Saints' Day


    Tuesday:  Library (Mrs. LaCour)

                    Math- pp. 239- 240


    Wednesday:  Music (Ms. Moran)

                          Math-pp. 245- 246


    Thursday: Spanish (Mrs. Smith)

                    Math- pp. 2251- 254 (two pages)


    Friday:  Art (Mrs. Haller) 

                 Math- Check My Progress

                Weekly, Sp., Gr., Vocab. Tests


    Important Dates:    

    11/1- All Saints' Day
    11/1  PA Chapter 2 Test
    11/5 Check My Progress in Math
    11/8- 11/12 Spirit Week
    11/8 Chapter 6 Religion Test
    11/11 Veterans' Day Ceremony (AM)/ Pep Rally (PM)
    11/15- 11/19  Red Ribbon Week
    11/16  Native American Vest Due (details in the project binder)
    11/18  Children's Grief Awareness Day (DOUD- donation)
    11/19 Virtual Half Day (work given to be done at home- not "live")




    Unit 2 Week 4 (Narrative Nonfiction) 11/5

    Vocabulary:  camouflaged, dribbles, extraordinary, poisonous, pounce, predator, prey, vibrations

    Comprehension Strategy:  Summarize

    Comprehension Skill:  Main Idea and Key Details

    Vocabulary Strategy:  Prefixes

    Grammar:   Possessive Nouns

    Spelling:  r-Controlled Vowels

    dart, guard, award, backyard, argue, spark, target, smart, charge, carpet, warp, door, fort, morning, stork, cord, worn, stormy, core, bore


    Unit 2 Week 5 (Poetry) 11/12

    Vocabulary:  creative, brittle, descriptive, outstretched, metaphor, simile, rhyme, meter

    Comprehension Strategy:  literary elements- meter and rhyme

    Comprehension Skill:  point of view

    Vocabulary Strategy:  figurative language- similes and metaphors

    Grammar:  combining sentences- subject nouns

    Spelling:  suffixes

    sickly, hardly, quickly, slowly, carefully, wonderful, beautiful, graceful, spoonful, darkness, shapeless, ageless, illness, goodness, spotless, painless, weakness, darkest, clearest, thoughtful






    Google Classroom (you will need your own account)

    User : (first initial) (last name)@sainttheresaschool.org

    Password : stts(lunch number)



     Spencer and Skye Francis  

      "Tales with T.A.I.L.S." (Therapy Animals Increase Literacy Skills)