Mrs. Deborah Richard

    4th Grade Teacher- 4A

    St. Theresa School



    From Mrs. LaCour our librarian:

    Who is the Book Fair for?
    Pre-k through 8th grade can shop the book fair!
    Pre-k has special times
    k-5 will be during their scheduled library times
    Middle School is during their lunch.

    Sign up for eWallets!
    Why eWallet?
    Once you set up the account, there’s no reason to worry about plastic baggies of cash, loose change, lost money,
    and unnecessary tears.
    Your child’s eWallet account can be set up and loaded up in under 5 minutes, right from your phone.
    With eWallet, it’s easy to invite friends and family to contribute digital dollars.
    eWallet funds can also be used to shop your online Fair, even after the in-school Fair has ended.
    Sign up with the link below!!

    We need volunteers!
    There are times available from Sunday thru Thursday!
    Please scroll down to the bottom of the book fair homepage to sign up!


    Any questions, you may contact me at hlacour@sainttheresaschool.org
    Thanks so much for supporting Saint Theresa’s library!



       (subject to change)

    Week of 1/30- 2/3

    Catholic Schools Week


    Monday:  Music

                    DOUD- Wear Lavender (light purple)

                    Math- pp. 527- 528, 530 


    Tuesday:  Art 

                    Math- Check My Progress; pp. 535- 536


    Wednesday:  Library

                          Spelling Bee

                          Math- pp. 541- 542 


    Thursday: Spanish

                Dress Down in Red, White, or Blue.

                      Open House: 11:15- 11:45 AM (Please let me know if you will be attending so the office knows.)

                      Around the World Open House 6- 7:30 PM

                      4th and 5th grade Newcombe Mini Tournament

                        Math- pp. 547- 548

    Friday:  P.E.

                 Wear Bright Pinkle (bubble gum pink)!


                 Math- pp. 549- 551 in the book (review pages); Ch. 8                                    Fractions Test 2/7 (Tuesday)

                       NO Weekly Assessments will count!

                       Hugs and Love!

    Unit 4 Week 2 (Fantasy)

    Vocabulary:  accompanies, opponent, campaign, overwhelming, governor, tolerate, intend, weary

    Comprehension Strategy:  make, confirm, or revise predictions

    Comprehension Skill:  point of view

    Vocabulary Strategy:   idioms

    Grammar:  types of pronouns (subject, object, and reflexive)

    Spelling:  inflectional endings y to i

    funnier, replied, easily, merrier, prettily, families, varied, silliest, applied, lazier, pennies, marries, jumpier, cozily, happiest, worried, carries, emptier, sorriest, dizziest




    Important Dates: (Students should be reading a biography.)  

    1/29- 2/3 Catholic Schools Week!

    1/ 30 Dress down in lavender for the opening Catholic Schools Week prayer service.

    2/2 Dress Down in Red, White, and Blue

    2/2- Fourth Grade Open House (Tales with TAILS) 11:15- 11:45 AM. Parents may join their children for lunch.  Parents must bring a packed lunch.  

    2/2- Evening "Around the World" Open House 6- 7:30 PM (4th grade does Colonial and Native Americans in Pennsylvania)

    2/3- Dress Down in "pinkle" (bubblegum pink- I just saw the t-shirts) to cheer for the pinkle volleyball team.