Students were given the name of the PA company they will be researching.  Details about the report are in the BINDER.



    2018- 2019

     Mrs. Deb Richard

    4th Grade Teacher

    St. Theresa School




    WISH LIST:  1 large basket/ container, 2 small baskets to hold the donated items and reports.

    Clear plastic wrap for the baskets

    Yellow and blue curling ribbon 

    PA Decorations

    * Company report due 3/28 for the Curriculum Fair


    Week of March 18- 22, 2019   

    Friday Math Homework- pp. 673- 674

     Monday: Music (Mrs. Bordlemay)

                   Math HW- pp. 679- 680

                   Stations of the Cross (2:15 PM in the gym)


     Tuesday: Art (Mrs. Haller)

                    Math HW- STUDY for Ch. 10 Test


     Wednesday: Spanish (Mrs. Haver)

                          Math- Chapter 10 Test

                          Zoo America Presentation

                          Tales with Tails


     Thursday: Library (Mrs. Haubrick) 

                      Math HW- pp. 829- 830


     Friday:  P.E. (Miss Corvaia)  Wear your P.E. uniform to school.


                  Math HW- pp. 835- 836

                  Chapter 13 Religion Test

                  Weekly Assessment, Spelling Test, Grammar Quiz

    Unit 5 Week 2 (Tall Tale ) 3/22

    Vocabulary:  plunging, prospector, scoffed, settlement, shrivel, territories, topple, withered

    Comprehension Strategy:  visualize

    Comprehension Skill: cause and effect

    Vocabulary Strategy:  homographs 

    Grammar:  articles, demonstrative adjectives

    Spelling:  open syllables

    clover, cider, tulip, vacancy, secret, radar, stolen, prevent, diver, spoken, bison, defend, famous, beside, beyond, demand, delay, veto, silence, razor

    Important Notes:

    3/20 Chapter 10 Math Test (Decimals and Fractions)

    3/22 Chapter 13 Religion Test

    PA Company project and donation are due 3/26 and will be displayed during the Curriculum Fair on March 28th.

     Spencer and Skye Francis  

      "Tales with T.A.I.L.S." (Therapy Animals Increase Literacy Skills)