2018- 2019

     Mrs. Deb Richard

    4th Grade Teacher

    St. Theresa School


     I will be handing out the blank map of the United States at the end of this week.  The map is due October 11th.  There is no book report due in October, but students should have a book to read each night.


               Week of September 17- 21, 2018


     Monday: Music (Mrs. Bordlemay)

                   Math HW- pp. 71- 72


     Tuesday: Art (Mrs. Haller)

                    Math HW- pp. 77- 78

                    Mission Money Due

                    Chapter 2 Religion Test:  Be sure to know the Story of Abram.


     Wednesday:  Spanish (Mrs. Haver)

                          Math HW- pp. 83-84, 86


     Thursday:  Library (Miss Barbush) 

                       Math HW- pp. 91- 92


     Friday: P.E. (Miss Corvaia)  Wear your P.E. uniform to school.

                 Math HW- pp. 97- 98

                 Forms of Energy Vocabulary Quiz on the Words from Inv. I and II (These are on Quizlet, and each student has flashcards to study.)

                 iRead Book Report Due

                 Spelling, Grammar, and Weekly Assessment


    Weekly Assessment 9/21

    Unit 1 Week 3 (Expository Text)

    Vocabulary:  alter, collapse, crisis, destruction, hazard, severe, substantial, unpredictable

    Comprehension Strategy:  reread

    Comprehension Skill:  compare and contrast

    Vocabulary Strategy:  context clues: multiple-meaning words

    Grammar:  simple and compound sentences

    Spelling:  long e

    evening, zebra, breathe, league, squeaky, healer, sleek, indeed, reef, deed, speech, wheeze, concrete, scheme, belief, chief, honey, donkey, family, weary


    Weekly Assessment 9/ 28

    Unit 1 Week 4 (Narrative Nonfiction)

    Vocabulary:  friction, identity, thrilling, advantage, gravity, accelerate, inquiry, capabilities

    Comprehension Strategy:  reread

    Comprehension Skill:  Cause and Effect

    Vocabulary Strategy:  context clues

    Grammar:  clauses and complex sentences

    Spelling:  long i

    climb, minding, pies, die, height, sigh, fright, slight, drive, file, kite, prime, pride, slices, twice, wipe, pry, sly, shy, spy


    Important Notes:

    Check My Progress Math Quiz 9/20

    iRead Book Report Due 9/21 (Details in the Project Binder or on this webpage)

    9/21 Forms of Energy Vocabulary Quiz on the terms from Investigation I and II

    Box Tops Due 9/25

    School Pictures- in school uniform 9/27

    9/27 Map Quiz (sample map coming soon)

    9/28 Chapter 3 Religion Test (Students must be able to write the 10 Commandments.  They may use their own words.)

    10/1 Chapter 2 Math Test (Addition and Subtraction)

    10/2 Chapter 1 PA Test (Be sure to know your flash cards and review the packet.  The study guide is on the bottom of the last page of the packet.)



     Spencer and Skye Francis  
      "Tales with T.A.I.L.S." (Therapy Animals Increase Literacy Skills)