Each student will need to bring in 2 pieces of red felt  and 1 piece of white felt (9 x 12) for a special project. (plain or glittered) 

    Wish List

    Gold Trim- any kind

    Large Metallic Twisted Cord 1/4\u0022 Wide 18 Yards-Gold




    2018- 2019

     Mrs. Deb Richard

    4th Grade Teacher

    St. Theresa School





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    Holiday Shoppe-  Students will shop at school for Christmas items for family members on Friday, November 30th at 11:00 AM.

               Week of November 19- 20 , 2018

    Friday Math HW- pp. 309- 310 

     Monday: Music (Mrs. Bordlemay)

                    Math HW- pp. 315- 316

                    Unit 2 Test- see below


     Tuesday:  EARLY DISMISSAL Art (Mrs. Haller)

                    Math - Turkey Math Packet

                    Finish Unit 2 Test (if needed)


     Wednesday:  NO SCHOOL  Spanish (Mrs. Haver)

                           Math HW- none



     Thursday:  NO SCHOOL  Library (Miss Barbush) Happy Thanksgiving!

                       Math HW- Multiply the number of people at your dinner table by the amount of different foods that you had to eat!


     Friday:  NO SCHOOL P.E. (Miss Corvaia)  Wear your P.E. uniform to school.

                 Math HW-


    Wonders Unit 2 Test 11/ 19-20


    Main idea and details


    Root words


    Text Features

    Context Clues (antonyms, sentence clues)

    Point of View

    Figurative Language: Similes and Metaphors

    Literary Elements: Meter and Rhyme


    Common and Proper Nouns

    Singular and Plural Nouns

    Irregular Plural Nouns

    Possessive Nouns

    Combining Sentences


    Important Notes:


    11/14 PA Chapter 3 Test

    11/15 Chapter 7 Religion Test (Beatitudes)

    11/19-20 Unit 2 Reading Test

    11/28  Chapter 5 Math Test


    *FYI- In place of the January mobile book report, students will be making an invention using simple machines (nothing motorized!). The invention should be muscle powered and solve a problem.  Directions and information will be given to students after Thanksgiving.  This project will be due Friday, January 25th.

     Spencer and Skye Francis  
      "Tales with T.A.I.L.S." (Therapy Animals Increase Literacy Skills)