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    Richard Review


    Mrs. Deborah Richard

    4th Grade Teacher- 4A

    St. Theresa School




    End of the Year Dates to Remember: 

    5/16- Ch. 18 Religion Test

    5/18- Field Trip (In regular or P.E. uniform/ ALL must pack a lunch and snack/Chaperones Must Have and Wear Their Badge)

    5/20- Race for Education and Field Day

    5/23- Ch. 14 Math Test

    5/24- PA Ch. 10 Test

    5/25- Spring Concert for Choir

    5/27-  Half Day- work sent home- not "live"

    6/1- End of the Year Celebration "PA DAY" Starts at lunch...

    6/3- Last Day


    May 16- 20, 2022 


    Monday:  PE  ( Mrs. Smith )

    Math H/W - pp. 929- 930

    Chapter 18 Religion Test


    Tuesday: Library ( Mrs. LaCour ) 

    Math H/W - pp. 935- 936

    All Library Books Due


    Wednesday:  - Music ( Ms. Moran )

    FIELD TRIP- All must pack a lunch, snack, and drinks


    Thursday:  Duolingo/ Typing Club (Mrs. Smith)

    Math H/W- 941- 942

    Final Tales with TAILS


    Friday:  Art (Mrs. Haller)  

    Race for Education/ Field Day

    Math HW- Review for Ch. 14 Math Test on 5/23 

    PA Ch. 10 Test (Changed to Tuesday, May 24th)

    Unit 6 Week 1- Weekly, Spelling Test, and Grammar Quiz  


    Unit 6 Week 1 (Historical Fiction)

    Vocabulary:  ancestors, despised, endurance, forfeit, honor, intensity, irritating, retreated

    Comprehension Strategy: reread

    Comprehension Skill: theme

    Vocabulary Strategy: connotation and denotation

    Grammar:  adverbs

    Spelling:  words with en, in, on 

    shaken, sunken, eleven, woven, widen, ridden, proven, often, robin, cousin, raisin, muffin, penguin, button, reason, cotton, wagon, dragon, common, skeleton