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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Elementary Education - Kutztown University

Miss Morgan Barr


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4B Homework and Events:

 Scholastic Book Orders- use class code R7MH6

Please don't forget to bring in all paper work: picture release form (purple paper sent home), Print pages 56 (Catholic School Parents Memorandum of Understanding),pg.66 (Internet safety rules for minors), and pg. 68 (handbook agreement from) from the STS handbook on the school website.

 If you were not able to make it to Back to School Night, please email me so we can find a time for a conference on October 26th. Thank you!! 


Friday, 9/14 Math HW- pgs. 65-66

 Book report is due Friday!

Monday- Library

Math HW- pp. 71-72


TuesdayP.E. Make sure to wear your uniform! See guidelines in handbook


 Math HW- pp. 77-78

 Chapter 2 Religion Test- review study guide (sent home 9/14) and chapter 2 review page in textbook

 Wednesday- Spanish

Math HW- pp. 83-84


Thursday- Art

 Math Check My Progress Quiz lessons 1-4

Math HW- pg. 92


Friday- Music 

 Math HW- pp. 97-98

Unit 1 Week 3 Weekly Assessment, spelling, and grammar quiz (see skills below)

Forms of Energy Investigations 1 and 2 Vocabulary quiz (Use Notecards (quiz1) or Quizlet)

Book Report Due! Please remember to bring the rubric along with the project!



Unit 1 Week 3 (Expository)

Vocabulary:  alter, collapse, crisis, destruction, hazard, severe, substantial, unpredictable

Comprehension Strategy:  reread

Comprehension Skill:  compare and contrast

Vocabulary Strategy:  context clues: multiple-meaning words

Grammar:  simple and compound sentences

Spelling:  long e

evening, zebra, breathe, league, squeaky, healer, sleek, indeed, reef, deed, speech, wheeze, concrete, scheme, belief, chief, honey, donkey, family, weary


Important Dates:

Chapter 2 Religion test- Tuesday, 9/19

Math Check My Progress quiz- Thursday, 9/20

Forms of Energy Vocab quiz- Friday, 9/21

Book Report Due- Friday, 9/21

Check My Progress quiz- Tuesday, 9/25

PA Rivers and Bordering States quiz- Thursday, 9/27

Chapter 2 Math Test-Monday, 10/1

Chapter 1 PA Test- Tuesday, 10/2