Miss   Morgan Barr

Phone: 717-774-7464


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Elementary Education - Kutztown University

Miss Morgan Barr


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4B Homework and Events:

 Scholastic Book Orders- use class code R7MH6 

 PA Capitol Field Trip-May 2

PA Company Report and donation due March 26!

 Trimester 3 Class Goal- all students should use my website to fill in ther assignment book over the weekend!

If you are willing and able to bring in a box of tissues or a can of lysol, I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you!!


Week of: 3/18-3/22

Friday's homework: Math pp. 673-674

Sign and Return Zoo American permission slip. 

Grade Reports have been sent home. Please sign and return the envelope. 


Monday- Library

Math HW-pp. 679-680

 Stations of the Cross 2:15


TuesdayP.E. Make sure to wear your uniform! See guidelines in handbook

 Math HW- Review for Chapter 10 Test 


Wednesday- Spanish

 Math Chapter 10 Test

 Zoo America Presentation

Tales with Tails 


 Thursday- Art

Math HW-pp. 829-830 **Please note that we skipped from Ch. 10 to Ch. 13. We will then return to Ch. 11 and 12


Friday- Music 

 Math HW-pp. 835-836. CMP quiz Monday.

Chapter 13 Religion Test 

 Unit 5 Week 2 Assessment, spelling, and grammar  quiz- See Skills Below



Unit 5 Week 2 (Tall Tale )

Vocabulary:  plunging, prospector, scoffed, settlement, shrivel, territories, topple, withered

Comprehension Strategy:  visualize

Comprehension Skill: cause and effect

Vocabulary Strategy:  homographs 

Grammar:  articles, demonstrative adjectives

Spelling:  open syllables

clover, cider, tulip, vacancy, secret, radar, stolen, prevent, diver, spoken, bison, defend, famous, beside, beyond, demand, delay, veto, silence, razor


Important Dates:

 Chapter 10 Math Test (Decimals and Fractions)- Wednesday, 3/20

Chapter 13 Religion Test- Friday, 3/22

Chapter 13 CMP quiz- Monday, 3/25

PA Company Report and donation due-Tuesday, 3/26