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    Middle School Science Teacher



    7th Grade Cellular Organelles Worksheet

    My definitions

    Cellular Oranelles Directions




    NEW AUP for Middle School Chromebook Use.  Please read the attached policy and print and sign page 10.  This needs to be returned to school ASAP.  Thank you. 

    STS Chromebook AUP


    All assignments and tests are posted on Google Classroom. 

    Parents:  If you want to see their child's assignments, your child can share their log in with you so you can see the assignments/activities.


    Units with a larger vocabulary list will have the vocab posted on quizlet.com. You do not need to sign up to view my vocab sets.  There is also a quizlet app available.

    •  Go to www.quizlet.com
    •  Search "mbanks78" 
    • Click on my setClick on the "Folders" Tab
    • Select your grade to view the sets.

    General Information on LabLearner

    LabLearner is our science program for Pre-School to 8th grade.  It focuses on hands-on learning through in depth investigations.   Students will learn concepts through a combination of class lecture, discussion, lab investigations and post-lab analysis. 

    Each unit in LabLearner is called a CELL (Core Experience Learning Lab).  There are good links for each CELL on the LabLearner website to help students explore the topic further.  To access the links, go to:  Lablearner.com and click the “Parents” tab.  Scroll down and click on “Parent Links”.  


     This provides general information that may be helpful, especially to sixth graders and new students.

    Parents, please contact me if you have any questions or want to check on the status of your child’s progress.