• Extended Care for all ages PK-8th Grade is currently full and we are not accepting any further registrations at the time.  We apologize for any inconvenience.



    Statement regarding the 22/23 program changes:

    We completely understand and hear you and appreciate your comments/feedback.  Due to inflation and our changing world, unfortunately, we need to raise our prices.  However, we do feel that our costs are now in line with our sister schools in the Diocese.  The Extended Care program has been losing a significant amount of money for years and needs to be reworked.  In order to stay open and be compliant with state regulations, changes need to be made.  Putting our children first is #1 and we need to make sure their care is top priority.  We are also bringing on an additional staff member to work with the PK children as many 4-year-olds do not nap.  We changed the aftercare from hourly to a flat rate because we simply can not handle billing every family in the program manually for each day they attend, as we do not have the staff to handle this process and flat rates are industry standard.  Our goal was to continue to have this program for our families and not be forced to limit or eliminate services to those families that truly need this care.