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 Mrs. Pam Hall

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Degrees and Certifications:

Teacher Certificate from Wilson College BS from Shippensburg University

Mrs. Pam Hall


4th Grade Teacher- 4B

St. Theresa School



nps.gov/everykidoutdoors/index.htm  - 4th Grade kids get free admission to a lot of historical parks this entire year until August.  Check out the website for information!

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4B - Hall Happenings

** Please stay posted on when our Made in PA basket donations and reports will be due****


Mon Mar 30 through Fri Apr 3 - ITBS Testing in the mornings ( please try to not schedule any appointments on these days )


Google Classroom (you will need your own account)

User : (first initial) (last name)@sainttheresaschool.org

Password : stts(lunch number)



Week of March 16-20, 2020

I will be updating this website daily while we are off school


The assignments will be listed on here and on Google Classroom.  I will also email parents with the assignments and I will be available 9:00-12:00 and 1:00-3:30 each school day through email.


Prayers for everyone and please stay healthy!!


We will NOT be using the snowier grid that was sent home with the students.



 Monday: Music  

Math H/W - Complete Fridays H/W pg 835-836 and additional H/W pg 837-838

No School

Work on PA Company Report


 Tuesday: PE         

 Wednesday: Spanish 

4th Grade- Flexible Instructional Day  (1)


We will not be using the SNOWIER grid.

NOTE: No math homework!

Day 1

Language Arts:

Spelling – Vowel Teams p. 134

Grammar- Adjectives that Compare p. 111

Reading-  Unit 5 Week  3  Read Sm. Book pp. 336-345 (review of skills for the next 4 days)

    • Read  Sm. Book “Stephanie Kwolek: Inventor”  pp. 338-341(Biography)
    • Review Vocabulary Sm. Book pp. 336- 337 (look up words you do not know )


  • Vocabulary:  dizzy, experiment, genuine, hilarious, mischief, nowadays, politician, procedure


  • Complete Your Turn p.221



Chapter 13

Lesson 3

Big Book:  Model Area pp. 839- 842

 Khan Academy video link on AREA if you need help:



Pennsylvania, Our People, Places, and Past:

  PA Chapter 8 (2 day lesson- finish tomorrow!)

  Lesson 25

“Problems of Living in an Industrial State”

Read pp. 132- 135

Answer the questions in your packet.



Human Body:

Review your flashcards

Complete the following worksheets (from the packet I sent home with you) “Find Your Brain Dominance” and “Think Tank”.



Don’t worry about the religion test that was scheduled for 3/17.

Instead (for a grade):  Draw a picture and write at least two full sentences of  how YOU can follow the 4th, 6th, and 9th  Commandments AND  on the back draw yourself practicing modesty, chastity, and fortitude


Take time to pray today. 


 Thursday: Library 

4th Grade- Flexible Instructional Day (2)



NOTE: No math homework!

Day 2

Language Arts:

Spelling- Word sort/ spelling patterns p.135

Grammar- Irregular adjectives for comparison p. 112

Reading- Your Turn:  Biography Genre/ text feature: p.226



Chapter 13

Lesson 4

Big Book: 

Measure Area  pp. 845- 848

Video link on AREA if you need help:

Pennsylvania, Our People, Places, and Past:

  PA Chapter 8 (finish today)

  Lesson 25

“Problems of Living in an Industrial State”

Read pp. 132- 135

Answer the questions in your packet.


Human Body:

Review your flashcards

9 minute video on BONES:


After watching the video, complete the “Our Amazing Bones” worksheet in your science packet. 


Chapter 14:  Respect Life

Read and reflect on the prayer service and scripture on p. 241.

If someone is mad, what should you do?

Is it OK to be mean to someone who was mean to you first?

Read and complete pp. 242- 243.  On p. 243, think about actions that have “cooled” you down when you get angry.  Then add 3 other ideas you might want to try.


Blessing dear students

Friday: Art   

4th Grade- Flexible Instructional Day (3)


NOTE: No math homework!

Day 3

Language Arts:

Spelling- Word meanings p. 136

Grammar- Punctuation in Letters p. 113


Read Unit 5 Week 3 “How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning” pp.406-423 (Literature Anthology) You are going to love this story!!!

Your Turn- (Problem and Solution) p. 222



Chapter 13

Lesson 5

Big Book: Relate Area and Perimeter pp. 851- 854

Video link on AREA and PERIMETER if you need help:




PA Chapter 8

Watch the short video below about the Johnstown Flood.


Write a paragraph about why the Johnstown flood happened and what the results were for the Johnstown community. There is information in your PA book as well.

Draw a picture of what you learned.

You may type the paragraph in Google Classroom- look for the assignment.


Human Body:

At home lab! This will be graded.

With a parent or sibling, do the “Science Lab- Test Your Mind” worksheet. It has the directions on it. You will need to answer the questions as you progress through the lab. Sometimes you will need to make a prediction before you engage in an activity. Be sure to answer the questions on both sides.


Chapter 14

Read pp. 244-245

All Human Life is Sacred!

Complete the “Respect your Body” activity sheet which was sent home.

Watcg this video of the Station of the Cross



Your teachers miss you! Stay healthy and obey your parents! 























Weekly Reading : Unit 5, Week 3

Comprehension Strategy : Summarizing

Comprehension Skill : Problem and Solution

Vocabulary Strategy : Greek roots

Grammar : adjectives that compare

Vocabulary Words (Test for meaning) : dizzy, experiment,  genuine,  hilarious,  mischief,  nowadays,  politician,  procedure 


Spelling Words :  brain,  staircase,  domain,  praise,  trainer,  oatmeal,  beneath,  repeat,  reveal,  increase,  sneak,  boast,  afloat,  croak, compound,  discount,  speed,  sleeve,  sheep,  baboon       


Be sure to review the dress code by clicking on the handbook link on the school website.