Mrs. Pam Hall

Phone: 717-774-7464


Degrees and Certifications:

BS Shippensburg University 1988 Teaching Certification Wilson College 2012

Mrs. Pam Hall

Welcome Back to School!  I am excited to meet my students and begin my second year at Saint Theresa School.

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Mrs. Pam Hall. I was born and raised in Carlisle and graduated from Carlisle High School.  I currently reside in Carlisle with my husband, youngest daughter and our dog Holly.  We have an older son and daughter that have both graduated from College and are living out on their own.  

I am looking forward to a great 2018/2019 School year with my students!! 



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Daily Specials Schedule :  Monday : Music,  Tuesday : Art,  Wednesday : Spanish,  Thursday : Library,  Friday : P.E. 


* Thank you to everyone for the Class Christmas Gift, it is great!!  I will definitely use all of the gift cards.*

Thursday January 17, 2019 - Math Check My Progress.  Chapter 7 Lessons 1-5 

Friday January 18, 2019 - Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling and Spelling Sentences Test 




Week of January 14-18, 2019


Read 15 Min.

Math H/W - Chapter 7 Lesson 3 pg 379-380


Tuesday : Art

Math H/W :  Chapter 7 Lesson 4 pg 387-388

Read 15 Minutes


Wednesday : Spanish 

 Read 15 Minutes 

Math H/W : Chapter 7 Lesson 5 pg 393-394.  Review lessons 1-5 for check my progress tomorrow


Thursday : Library (Don't forget your books to return) 

Math H/W - Chapter 7 Lesson 6 pg 401-402

Read 15 Minutes


Friday : P.E. Wear your P.E. Uniform to school ( See handbook for specifics)

Math H/W  - Chapter 7 Lesson7 pg 407-408 

Reading, vocabulary, Spelling and Spelling Sentences Test Today

Read 15 Min.


 Spelling Words :  spoon, wood, drew, smooth, blue, balloon, flew, true, stood, chew, tooth, shook, shoe, move, blew, foot, loose, jewel 


Vocabulary (Tested for Meaning) - agreeable, appreciate, boomed, descendants, emigration, pioneers, transportation, vehicles


Unit 3 Week 5 : Genre - Expository Text,  Comprehension Strategy - summarize, Comprehension Skill- text structure: sequence , Vocabulary Strategy- suffixes ,  Grammar -  combining sentences with verbs. prefixes un-, non-, dis-