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Week of May 11-15, 2020


The assignments will be listed on here and on Google Classroom.  I will also email parents with the assignments and I will be available 9:00-12:00 and 1:00-3:30 each school day through email.


Prayers for everyone and please stay healthy!!



 Monday: Music  



Language Arts:  Unit 6 Week 2

Spelling – Homophones, on pp. 157- 158 --words that sound the same but have different spellings and meaning.  You will need to know the definitions so you know what to write for your spelling test.

Grammar- Comparing with Adverbs  p. 131



Unit  6  Week  2   Review Skills in Small Book    pp. 392- 405

  • Read “Freedom at Fort Mose”  396- 399 (Historical Fiction)

Review Vocabulary pp. 394- 395:  depicts, detested, discarded, eldest, ignored, obedience, refuge, treacherous

Complete  Vocabulary /Your Turn p.261


Chapter 14

Geometry Review (Check My Progress)

  1. 917- 918

Please post this completed assignments, so I can make sure you understand.

Pennsylvania, Our People, Places, and Past:

 Study your PA Ch. 10 flashcards.


 Pray a decade of the rosary.  Do a work of mercy.


 Tuesday: PE  


Language Arts:  Unit 6 Week 2

Spelling- Word sort/ spelling patterns p.159



Grammar- Comparing with Irregular Adverbs  p. 132

Comparatives and superlatives :


Reading- Your Turn:  Genre/ text feature: p.266 (Historical Fiction)

If you finish early:



Lesson 8


Math Lesson 8 Triangles:


Right Triangle- has one right angle

Acute Triangle- has 3 acute angles

Obtuse Triangle-has one obtuse angle

Complete pp. 919- 922


Pennsylvania, Our People, Places, and Past:

 PA Chapter 10 (You must complete the entire lesson today.)

Lesson 30

State Government pp.155-158

Review your flashcards…test is Friday.

Science:  You will need to go on Google Classroom either in the STREAM or under the SCIENCE topic for your nutrition work.

SCIENCE : Please watch the attached video (link in GC too), "You are What You Eat.". It's the longest one you'll have to watch but still only about 17 min. Watch the entire thing and pay attention because the questions in the quiz (in GC) attached are all answered in this video!




 Pray a decade of the rosary.

Chapter 16: Liturgical Year

Complete p. 279 as an open book religion test.  You will need to scan or take a picture of this page and submit it under the assignment Religion Test- Chapter 16.  You may also email it to me.


 Wednesday: Spanish 



Language Arts:  Unit 6 Week 2

 Spelling- Word meanings p. 160



Grammar- Review Punctuation and Capitalization p. 133


  • Read Unit 6 Week 2 “Valley of the Moon” pp.476-491 Historical Fiction (Literature Anthology)

Your Turn- graphic organizer (Theme) p. 262

If you finish early:




Ch. 14 Geometry

Math Lesson 9 Quadrilaterals



Create 5 flashcards of the 5 quadrilaterals on p. 926.  Make sure you can describe them using right angle, equal lengths, equal sides, parallel, perpendicular sides…

Complete pp. 925- 928

Pennsylvania, Our People, Places, and Past:

 Chapter 10

Lesson 31 (last one)

Our County and Local Government

Read pp. 159- 161 and answer the questions.  This whole lesson must be done today.

Review your flashcards.  If you know them you will do well on the test on Friday.

Science: 5 Food Groups

 Please watch the attached video about the 5 food groups. Then complete the attached work sheet. If you are using your key board and are not able to use the shapes the worksheet asks for, then substitute the following letters, triangle use G for Grain, Star use P for proteins, and smiley face use D for dairy.


The worksheet is attached in Google Classroom under the science assignment for 5/13.  If you can’t print, just write your answers on a separate piece of paper.


 Pray a decade of the rosary.

Chapter 17:  The Seven Sacraments

Sacraments are powerful signs of God’s love for us.

We celebrate these signs with gladness, for we know that in our celebration, we are made sharers in the life and love of God.

Complete pp. 282- 283

Match the sacraments and the symbols on p. 282.

Reflect on the questions on p. 283.









 Thursday: Library 



Zoom Today at 10 AM


Language Arts:  Unit 6 Week 2

 Spelling- Finding misspelled words/ writing with spelling words p. 161

Grammar- Proofreading p. 134

Reading:  Read your group book today.  You will need to go online to Connected/ Wonders.


If you finish early:




Chapter 14 Geometry

Math Lesson 10 - Lines of Symmetry


Math Lesson 10 - Teaching Lines of Symmetry


Draw Lines of Symmetry

Some figures have more than one line of symmetry and some do not have any.

  1. 931- 934

Feel free to pick some of the homework problems for practice.


Pennsylvania, Our People, Places, and Past:

Zoom review of the PA test at 10 AM.  We will go over all of the questions.

Study your flashcards and questions and watch the video below to prepare for the test.

Three Branches of Government:



Science:  YOUR HEALTHY PLATE - All worksheets and links are on Google Classroom.

Look over the mini poster to learn about the best ways to fill your plate!

Use the blank coloring page to create a meal you would enjoy and fits the healthy plate guidelines! You may use words or pictures of food to fill your plate.

Finally, write a letter to a family member explaining why it is important to eat foods from each food group. Offer ideas for a healthier meal. List the foods in your favorite healthy meal, and draw a picture of them in the blank MyPlate below. (note: You may use the larger plate worksheet to complete the bottom portion. You do not need to draw on both plates. But please write the words of the foods on the bottom of the letter.) 



Pray a decade of the rosary.

Chapter 17:  Sacraments

Catholic Faith Word:

Incarnation- the mystery that the son of God became man to save all people

Jesus is present in each of the Sacraments.

Read pp. 284- 285  Reflect of the sacraments you have received. 



Friday: Art   




Language Arts:  Unit 6 Week 2

Spelling- Your Turn p.268

Reading-Your Turn:  Comprehension and fluency  pp. 263-265

                Vocabulary strategy: Homophones p.267

If you finish early:




Chapter 14 Geometry

We are skipping lesson 11.

Geometry Review Day!  You can just watch one and then watch the rest over the weekend as a review for your test on Monday.  You must complete the review pages below.

Math Review Videos:  These are longer videos but good review.




Complete pp. 943- 945

Over the weekend study for this test which will be on Monday, May 18th.  One easy way would be to have a family member say a term or shape and then you would draw it and describe it using right angle, equal lengths, equal sides, parallel, perpendicular sides…whatever applies.


Pennsylvania, Our People, Places, and Past:

 PA Ch. 10 Test on Google Forms

  A link will be posted.


Science:  You will have today and the weekend to complete this assignment.  All worksheets are on Google Classroom.

Working on Nutrition with your Family:

Ask someone at home to help you with this assignment. Together you must plan a meal. (See Family Activity Cook Together worksheet) You may need to work together to look up the parts of the plant.

Also, use a family member to have some fun with the Word Blanks worksheet! Please turn in the 'Word Blanks' worksheet today and the Family Cook Together by Monday. That will give you through the weekend to find some time to cook together.



 Chapter 17

The Sacrament of the Eucharist is at the Heart of Christian Life!

Read and complete pp. 286- 287.  Write a paragraph using the words on the word list on p. 287 describing the sacraments.












Weekly Reading : 

Comprehension Strategy

Comprehension Skill

Vocabulary Strategy


Vocabulary Words (Test for meaning) :   


Spelling Words :       


Be sure to review the dress code by clicking on the handbook link on the school website.