• Welcome to Learning Support Services within Saint Theresa School.  
     We are proud to have five dedicated instructional support personnel at our school.  They provide the capability for your child to excel while attending Saint Theresa School.  
    Welcome Hi, my name is Patti Seibert and I am the Kindergarten through 5th grade Learning Support Teacher.  I have 20 years of teaching experience at public schools, which includes both time as a special education teacher and time as a reading specialist.  I'm very excited to now be a part of the Saint Theresa School staff.  I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Special Education at IUP, my Master's Degree in Reading with a Reading Specialist Certification from McDaniel College.  Here at Saint Theresa School I will be teaching both reading and math to students in small groups that have a significant need and have gone through the referral process. 

    My name is Judy Karas and I am the Middle School Learning Support Teacher at St. Theresa School.  My primary job is to offer support to our middle school students in Language Arts and Math. If a student is struggling in Math or Language Arts, his or her teacher will make a referral and we will discuss the best strategy for intervention.  Students may come to me in a small group setting for their core Math instruction and/or to supplement the instruction they receive in the Language Arts classroom. I can also offer support if the student needs help with organization skills,study skills or test taking.

    If a student has an IEP from a public school district, we will review it and try to accommodate the student as best as possible.  If you are interested in our program, and have further questions, please contact me at Email: jkaras@sainttheresaschool.org

    school cousenlor School Counseling Services are available to St. Theresa students in grades K-8. This support is provided by a certified school counselor from the Capital Area Intermediate Unit. Mrs. Jennifer Foster is the counselor who is available Monday through Friday during school hours. She provides a variety of services such as consultation, individual counseling, small group counseling, and classroom lessons to assist students in their adjustment at school and help them with academic, emotional, and/or personal concerns. Students may refer themselves for counseling or they may be referred by teachers, parents, or school staff members.