Seussical Kids
Summer Musical Theater Camp! 
Come join the fun this summer as we perform Suessical, Kids! The camp will run every day from 9 to noon and is for students in grades 3 to 5. Since there is still plenty of room left in the camp, we are allowing students in second grade and 6th grade to participate. It will be held at Trinity High school.  The camp will have sessions on acting, singing and dancing every day. Students will learn techniques that they can use in any theater production and that will carry over into other areas of their school life.  They may use these techniques to improve their singing for classroom or choir or improve projecting when they speak to make that oral presentation in class better. These are skills that will help them in many different area's. We will put those techniques to work as they prepare and perform Seussical, Kids. Every camper will get their own script to keep and a show Tshirt. The Camp ends with a performance at 7 PM in the Trinity High School Auditorium.  A registration form can be found on the menu on the left side of this page. Fill out and send to BJ Meagher, Saint Theresa School, 1200 Bridge Street, New Cumberland, PA 17070. Contact for more information. So grab a friend and let's get singing and dancing!
Congratulations to two of our former St. Theresa Musicians!
Although many of our students go on to perform in their High School Bands, Choirs and Musicals, some take it a step further. Two of our former students Erin Smith and Connor Rohrer take their music very seriously and are planning on majoring in music in college. A lot of us can remember just a few years ago seeing these two on our Saint Theresa stage, in a concert or cantoring at Mass. As with all our student musicians, we enjoy watching them flourish in their musical careers in High School.
Erin is a Junior at Red Land High School. Erin participates in Choirs, Band and Musicals. She went through the audition process to go to District choir. There she auditioned again and made it to the regional Choir. There she auditioned and made it to the All State Choir. She ended up as the 7th best Alto in the state of Pennsylvania!!! Congratulations Erin.  Erin is continuing to audition to participate in the All Eastern Choir which will be held next fall. Good Luck Erin!  
Connor Rorher is a Junior at Trinity High School! Connor Plays Trombone in Marching Band, Bassoon in Concert Band and Accompanies the choir on Piano. Connor has been auditioning for and made the District band on Bassoon while he was still here at St. Theresa school in 8th grade. Since then he has participated in District and Regional Band and Orchestra on Bassoon. He participated in the All Eastern Orchestra on Bassoon. This year Connor went through an audition process to be the Piano Player for the All State Jazz Band.  Considering how many piano players there must be in Pennsylvania, it was amazing that Connor was selected to be one of the two piano players selected. The State Jazz had 2 ensembles each with it's own piano player.  When they played a few selections together, it was Connor selected to be the piano player. 
Great Job to our Middle School Percussion Ensemble!
The percussion ensemble includes students from the feeder schools to Trinity High School and Competes under Trinity Middle School. about 3/4 of the group are Saint Theresa School. They looked great and sounded good. You can find a video of their show on the Trinity Rocks Percussion Facebook Page.
Championship Photo  
Congratulations to the cast of Annie, Jr. on a great show!!! 

Painting the set  
 The sets and decorations are being painted! 

Choir to sing at a Harrisburg Senators Baseball Game

The Choir did a great job singing the National Anthem for the Harrisburg Senators on Saturday, September 3rd.  As you will see, after singing the students enjoyed the game.