• Saint Theresa Parish Athletic Association (STPAA)
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    Everyone can participate and there is room for everyone!

    STPAA Athletic Programs:

    Boys and Girls Soccer (Grades 6-8) Fall Program  (Commissioner: Kristen Holjes kwjha@yahoo.com)
    Boys Basketball (Grades 3-8) Fall/Winter Program (Commissioner: Kevin Scott  KScott@rhoads-sinon.com)
    Girls Basketball (Grades 3-8) Fall/Winter Program (Commissioner: Tammi Jones  tjones@wssd.k12.pa.us)
    Cheerleading (Grades 2-8) Fall/Winter Program (Commissioner: Vacant)
    Boys and Girls Instructional Basketball (Grades 1-3) Late Winter Program 
    Boys and Girls Track and Field (Grades 3-8) Spring Program (Commissioner: Barry Claypool  bclaypool@ucpcentralpa.org)
    Girls Volleyball (Grades 4-8) Spring Program  (Commissioner:  Danielle Oakes  dasoakes@aol.com)
    For more information please go to:  http://www.stpaa.com 
    The Saint Theresa Parish Athletic Association (STPAA) is based on Christian values, which foster the physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being of the children of our parish. All children are provided with instruction and guidance on the development of athletic skills and principles, including:
    • Sportsmanship
    • Teamwork
    • Healthy Competition
    • Benefits of Winning and Losing Gracefully