• Welcome to the Financial Assistance Page for Saint Theresa School.  We want to work with you to make an education at Saint Theresa School a reality for your family!
    There are several ways you can apply/receive financial assistance: 
    1.  Neumann Scholarship Foundation (online application only; deadline April 15, 2017) EXTREMELY important that you do not miss this deadline.  By not applying to Neumann, you miss out on several tuition assistance opportunities!  The deadline is firm and unwavering. 
    2.  Marie Carr Scholarship Fund (apply via the school office)  You must also apply to the Neumann Scholarship Foundation to be eligible for Marie Carr. 
    3.  Smart Money Scholarship Program.  For information on this program click on Fundraising on our main page.
    4.  Bridge Educational Foundation  
    5.  Bravo Foundation (You must apply to the Neumann Scholarship Foundation to be eligbile for Bravo). 
    6.  Transfer Grant Incentive 

    Total financial aid distributed in the 2016-17 Saint Theresa School year:


    Neumann Scholarship Foundation:  $39,406

    Smart Money Scholarship Fund:      $5,870

    Bridge Educational Foundation:       $5,500

    The Bravo Group                              $8,000

    Marie Carr Scholarship Fund           $31,333

    Transfer Grant Program                    $2,000


    Grand Total of Scholarship Aid to Saint Theresa School Families in 2016-17:  $92,109.00

    There may be additional scholarships depending on the availability. Any opportunities that become available we will post here and send out on Option C/email, place on website/Facebook.    Thank you!  
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jackie Conard in the school office at (717) 774-7464 or Michelle Zemba at (717) 649-8899 or by email at:  mzemba@sainttheresaschool.org.