Mrs. Elida Lyon
Preschool 4's a.m. class in the "big" school
Email Address:  stsdaycare@sainttheresaschool.org

Preschool Times: 
Morning 4’s, Monday/Wednesday/Friday- 8:15 to 11:15 


Mrs. Ellie

Elida was born in Miami, FL. where her parents were studying after getting married in Venezuela. A brother and sister who were also born in Miami about a year apart of each other followed her. One day Elida was in a park playing with a new friend when he called her “Ellie” (or “Eli” in Spanish) -she fell in love with her newly found nickname! From that moment on, Elida wouldn’t let anyone else call her by her first name. As her parents finished their college –Mom as an architect and Dad as an engineer- they decided to move back to Venezuela, where they had two more children.

Ellie was raised in Caracas, Venezuela, where she went from preschool to high school at a music school called Colegio Emil Friedman. As part of her studies, she was involved with the school’s choir, which continued for 13 years until she finished high school. She also took piano lessons for 8 years with a renowned Italian teacher from whom she learned to read music and perform some of her favorite songs. After high school, she went on to study Education with a specialty in Early Childhood at the “Universidad Metropolitana” (UNIMET), also in Caracas, obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree.

She took her first teaching position during her 6th semester in school, working as an assistant teacher in the kindergarten classroom of “Colegio Simón Bolivar” for three (3) years.

At the end of 2009 she met her future husband, Matias, and in the beginning of 2010 her family decided to move to Naperville, IL. But they were not ready to be apart, so Matias decided to follow along.

When Ellie and her Family moved to Naperville she started working as an assistant manager in a retail store, which she enjoyed very much, but she missed working with children. So, after almost a year, she started working as a teacher in KinderCare with the preschool and toddler classrooms.

In May 2014 Ellie and Matias got Married in Miami FL at the Church of the Little Flower and moved to Harrisburg, PA where Matias was working as a consultant in a temporary project and Ellie started to work as a Teacher in U-Gro Learning Centers. Soon thereafter, Ellie decided to spend some time practicing yoga, while supporting her husband and growing her spirituality.

After a year of temporarily living in Harrisburg PA, Matias was asked to remain local in Camp Hill so he transferred from Chicago. Ellie decided to look for a teaching opportunity that would allow her to continue her spiritual journey, realizing soon thereafter that a Catholic School would be her best bet.

When Ellie saw the vacancy in Saint Theresa School back in August 2015, she knew it was a calling and didn’t hesitate to go for it. Soon after, she became part of the STS family.