Transfer Grant Incentive Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the St. Theresa School Transfer Grant?
    The Transfer Grant is an incentive that offers a $1,000 tuition reduction in year one and a $500 tuition reduction in year two to help families make the transition to our school.
    Have other Catholic schools used transfer grants?
    Yes. This program was implemented by the Diocese of Allentown beginning in 2010. As a result, their Diocese has reported a significant growth in enrollment. Transfer grants have been approved by the Diocese of Harrisburg.
    Who is eligible for a transfer grant?
    Students applying for admission in grades 1-7 are eligible for the Transfer Grant. The grant is available to current public, private, charter, or home school students. The transfer grant is not available to students transferring from local parochial schools within in the Diocese of Harrisburg.
    Must parents apply for financial aid to receive the grant?
    No. Families do not need to apply for financial aid in order to receive the transfer grant.
    Is the grant available to non-Catholic students?
    Yes. The $1,000 tuition reduction in year one and $500 reduction in year two will be subtracted from the cost of the non-Catholic tuition rate.
    Are there GPA requirements to qualify for or to keep the transfer grant?
    Students applying for admission with the transfer grant will be held to the same admissions standards as all students. There will not be a mandatory GPA needed to keep the transfer grant from year one to year two.
    Is additional financial aid available?
    Yes. Additional financial aid is available through the Diocese of Harrisburg’s Neumann Scholarship, Marie Carr Scholarship Fund and our Smart Money gift card program.