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STS LabLearner


LabLearner for Saint Theresa School has been made possible by the generous support of:

  • GRANT in the amount of $12,500 from The Foundation for Enhancing Communities - The Whitaker Fund for Math & Science
  • Parents/Family/Friends/Alumni of Saint Theresa School and Parish - via the Race for Education Fundraiser
  • Robert & Angela Ortenzio
  • Pinnacle Health 
  • Saint Theresa School PTO
  • General Dynamics
  • In Memory of Dr. Richard Evans
  • Mr. & Mrs. Rich and Cheryl Long
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles and Rose Sullivan

For more information on LabLearner, you can visit the LabLearner website at: 
or contact the school office at (717) 774-7464. 
Bishop in Lab