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STS LabLearner

In 2014, Saint Theresa School proudly presented our brand new LAB LEARNER science lab for our Kindergarten through 8th grade students.  LabLearner is a hands-on science education program that includes a fully equipped in-school laboratory in a dedicated classroom on the top floor of our school.  LabLearner students use much of the same equipment that is currently being used in university labs.                            

For nearly 70 years, Saint Theresa School has been committed to providing an excellent education for our young students.  We are committed to transforming classrooms into learning centers for 21st Century learners.  Students born after 1982 have a different relationship with information and learning than previous generations.  They are multi-taskers who use sound, image and hands-on experiences to convey content.   They have strong visual skills and respond well to content presented in a fast paced visual and kinesthetic mode.  We have found the addition of our LabLearner classroom to be an incredible tool to help our students learn and we are so grateful for all those who made it possible.

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LabLearner for Saint Theresa School has been made possible by the generous support of:

  • GRANT in the amount of $12,500 from The Foundation for Enhancing Communities - The Whitaker Fund for Math & Science
  • Parents/Family/Friends/Alumni of Saint Theresa School and Parish - via the Race for Education Fundraiser
  • Robert & Angela Ortenzio
  • Pinnacle Health 
  • Saint Theresa School PTO
  • General Dynamics
  • In Memory of Dr. Richard Evans
  • Mr. & Mrs. Rich and Cheryl Long
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles and Rose Sullivan

For more information on LabLearner, you can visit the LabLearner website at: 
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