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Reopening for 2020-21 School Year

Travel Restriction Update as of 3/4/2021: CLICK HERE!


What type of mask complies with this Order?
The Order requires individuals to wear a "face covering." "Face covering" means covering of the nose and mouth with material that is secured to the head with ties, straps, or loops over the ears or is wrapped around the lower face. A "face covering" can be made of a variety of synthetic or natural fabrics, including cotton, silk or linen. A "face covering" may be factory-made, sewn by hand, or be improvised from household itemsOpens In A New Window, including, but not limited to, scarfs, bandanas, t-shirts, sweatshirts, or towels.

While procedural and surgical masks intended for health care providers and first responders, such as N95 respirators, meet those requirements, these specialized masks should be reserved for appropriate occupational and health care settings.

Does a disposable face shield suffice in lieu of a mask?
Wearing a cloth face covering is best. A disposable face shield is considered an alternative to a face covering and may be worn when wearing a face covering is otherwise not possible.

Click here: Health & Safety Plan for STS (updated 9/10/2020) in its entirety as presented to the Diocese of Harrisburg for reopening St. Theresa School.

Reopening Health & Safety Plan - Parent edition updated 8/4/2020  


Letter to Parents from Dan Breen, Superintendent, 11/13/20.

Travel & Quarantine from Mr. Shore

Updated Distance Learning Plan


Other Links in addition to Appendix B:

1.  Catholic Witness, on school reopening:

2.  The CDC just released updated thoughts and they advocate strongly for reopening schools in person.  Add this to the document I sent on the case for reopening schools. 


Video link: Distance Learning Mtg 9/30/2020



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