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Lunch Prices

2023-2024 School Lunch Pricing:

 $3.15 Student Lunch Price     $4.75 Adult Lunch Price  

 Milk- $0.80  Small water - $0.85   Large water - $1.25

Important Reminders:

  • Students buying lunch will receive a choice of milk. Water will be available for an additional cost.  Lactose intolerant- students need a doctor's note on file with the school nurse to have water/juice included with their meals.  
  • If your student has food allergies and will require special accommodation,  a doctor's note must be on file with our school nurse. 
  • Students with negative balances will not be refused a reimbursable meal regardless of the dollar amount charged.  If the charge limit of $10.00 is exceeded, students will only be allowed to charge a reimbursable lunch and milk. They are not permitted to charge snack items or additional meals.

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