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Smart Money

Saint Theresa School Smart Money Program


  • Buy Gift Cards from Saint Theresa Smart Money Program.
  • Direct Scholarship Credit to your Simple Tuition Account!
  • Raise Money for the STS Development Fund. Program runs throughout the year.
  • Tuition credits are applied two times. per year; January and July.
  • Cards can be purchased by your family, friends or neighbors in your name so you get the tuition credit!
  • Orders will be filled and distributed before the end of that same week. 
  • We must have full payment for orders to be filled.


  • Gift Cards can be purchased via the order form & paid for by check or cash.
  • Most cards highlighted in blue on the order form are available immediately in the Parish office and should not be ordered online.
  • SCHOOL: Order Forms & Payment can be sent in with your child to school. Orders will be returned in their backpacks as soon as all cards have arrived.
  • CHURCH: orders can be placed at the Parish office during business hours (some cards are available immediately.)
  • ONLINE: Orders can be placed online using a credit card ONLY using Code: 4CB2C18D1675 PIN: 1300 at Shop with Scrip (local gift cards should NOT be purchased online)
  • EMAIL: Any questions to NOTE, Order forms are available at the STS Website, School Lobby or the Parish Office during regular hours.

Smart Money Form